Monday, July 8, 2013

Warning:  This post contains liberal mentions of bodily functions.  If you don't want to read yet another poop post, SKIP IT!

Good:  Woke up at 5:30 to Mary Claire's squawks - she slept from 7:30-5:30 with no interruption!

Bad:  Elizabeth woke up at LEAST 3 times to nurse between 11 and 5, probably more.

Good:  Mary Claire went back to sleep in the swing after I nursed her on the couch, and stayed asleep until past 8 o'clock!

Bad:  Elizabeth woke up for the day a little before 6, RIGHT after I had fallen back to sleep after nursing Mary Claire.

Bad:  SERIOUS headache, likely a combination of several glasses of delicious sangria last night + not enough sleep.

Bad:  Went upstairs to find last night's dinner & snacks still on the playroom table.

Good:  Breakfast is served!

Just kidding.

But at least the ants didn't find all that food!

Good:  Andrew put away the clean dishes and filled the dishwasher with another load.  Almost cleaned up from last night's get together!

Good:  Made banana/pineapple/strawberry/yogurt smoothies for Andrew and the kids - next up, packing those things full of kale and spinach to cram them full of more nutrients!

Good:  Elizabeth was happy to go down for an early nap!

Bad:  Mary Claire finally woke up and was fussy for 2 hours...

Good:  Elizabeth didn't wake up until Mary Claire had gone down for HER nap.

Bad:  She spent the next two hours fussing.

Good:  Last night's rain and this morning's sprinkle means I don't have to water the plants until this afternoon, and maybe not even then!

Bad:  Mary Claire pooped enough to get her outfit dirty.

Good:  At least she doesn't wear disposable diapers, because then it would have been up her back AND down her legs, instead of just a tiny bit on the elastic of her romper.

Funny:  Cecilia comes running in while I'm taking this morning's outfit picture, wearing a potholder on each foot, John Paul's old overalls with the legs unsnapped, proclaiming, "I'M A MONSTER!!!"

Bad:  Then she had diarrhea.  3 times so far.  Edit:  Now she's up to 4, and John Paul's at 2)

Good:  At least she made it to the toilet...

Bad:  Heard John Paul saying, "Oh...  What's this???" in a very concerned voice.  Then he brought me something and dropped it in my hand.

It was poop.

Good:  At least I had just cut his fingernails.

Bad:  Cleaned poop out of his underwear.

Good:  Could have been a WHOLE lot more poop.

Bad:  Also 5 poopy diapers so far today.  And it's only 1 o'clock.

Good:  Andrew changed 2 of them before he left.

Good:  John Paul decided 11 o'clock is "school time" so he got out his craft sticks with velcro dots and started making all sorts of polygons.

Apparently once you get past 6, you can refer to them as "n-gons," so this one would be a 21-gon.

Good:  The look on his face when I printed out an info sheet that names all the types of polygons up to 20 sides!

Good:  He wrote this all by himself!

Makes me not mind that he refuses to practice ever...

Good:  After Cecilia spent 10 minutes refusing to put on her underwear, I put it on for her.  She hugged me, unprompted, and said, "Mom, you're so nice to me!"

Good:  Cecilia can get herself water from the fridge now.

Bad:  Unlimited water means a LOT more peeing...

Bad:  Caffeine & ibuprofen seem to be doing nothing to ease this headache.

Bad:  Andrew has a meeting tonight, which means I'm on my own for bedtime :(

Bad:  The playroom looks like this right now:

And the living room looks like this:

Good:  It's raining now, so I'm going to let the kids watch Magic School Bus streaming on Netflix when they get up from their naps.  And since John Paul is OBSESSED with TV, he doesn't get to watch until everything is cleaned up.  Always a HUGE motivator!

Bad:  Cecilia headbutted Elizabeth and made her cry.

Funny:  She didn't understand why that wasn't okay, so I told her that she and John Paul could headbutt each other all they wanted.  So they very gently headbutted each other for quite a while, giggling the whole time.

Bad:  Screaming match between the big kids over a Dr. Seuss book.

Good:  Led to an early nap time, since they both wanted it to be read to them IMMEDIATELY!

Bad:  Screaming woke Mary Claire up from her nap...

Bad:  Baby awake time has just been fussy all day long.  Which means I'm pretty much constantly holding one or the other.  Which means I only write this while nursing.

Good:  At least I have two arms?

So the score so far is...  21 good, 19 bad, 2 funny.  Even on one of the worst mornings we've had in a while, the good still outweighs the bad!  Hurrah!


  1. Woah, it's certainly been an epic day for you thus far! I'll pray bedtime goes smoothly. Sorry we couldn't stay to help clean up last night, and I should've thought of their dinner plates out there. :/

    During errand today Annie was asleep in her carseat, so I just clicked it into her stroller rather than carry it. I heard her poop at one point and figured, finally! But she'll be fine, she's in cloth. Alas, an hour later as I lifted the seat out of the stroller, what do I see but leaky poop sloshing around that had leaked into her seat and down through the belt hole.

    Gross. Laundry, here I come. Must just be a stinky day. ;)

    1. Oh no worries, you guys had to get Annie home for bed! And one person did offer to help clean up, but we said we'd take care of it and we would have if I hadn't decided to just go to bed early :P

      Ohhhhh the mental image of sloshing poop... Yuck yuck yuck! And having to wash the car seat cover? Double yuck!

  2. Wishing you a perhaps funny but definitely good afternoon!!

  3. I loooooove this post!!!! I cannot believe you actually have time to write it! I also have twins and one more, all 3 and under....I feel your pain :)

    1. Makes me glad the babies will still nurse for long periods of time sometimes - it's my blogging break!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I have had a "poopy" day as well. As I quickly went to the bathroom, I heard from the living room my two year old saying to her baby sister, "no, no audrey! don't play in my poop. my poopy, no audrey! no hands in the poop!!" Imagine what I found when I ran as fast as I could out there. Silver lining: her pacifier was in, so none of it made it...there... I'm still gagging.

  5. But! God loves you so, so, so much! Good!


  6. Love this post!!! It's my life. :)


  7. I'm exhausted just reading this. On another note, it's funny how after you become a parent, poop isn't that big a deal. Still gross, but you know what I mean. Hope your afternoon is a good one!

  8. I love the way you totaled this up and the good outweighed the bad! Positive thinking is always good!

    1. And it's normally not even close, thank goodness! I think the gloomy day + headache really took it out of me!

  9. What is with your house and all the poop? You must feed them lots of fiber? Ha!

  10. Oh Rosie, what a day! I hope you all feel better soon!

  11. Before the twins arrived, I was amazed at how much you are always seeming to be busy doing, either proactively or in response of all those children. Now, I totally get it. Any momma of twins and/or "big" families is very busy. A comment above stated you were having an epic day. I feel like what used to be an epic day for me with 1 is my new normal with 3. Very funny post!!

    1. Right? If it weren't for the copious amounts of poop, this day wouldn't be much different from a usual day! Just extra-fussy babies, and that's really the straw that breaks my back every time...

  12. I love your end take! Yes, the good outweighs the bad. You are amazing. ANd I love the craft sticks with velcro!

  13. You're killing me, Buster! I mean, Rosie!
    This could be my day today...and we had to go to the grocery store, too, which is always a trial even when there is no poop involved.
    New grocery store rule- always, always, ALWAYS change diapers immediately before leaving for the store...and double-check that no one has pooped before you go inside.
    I hope today is much less poop-filled. :-)

    1. You know that if you do that they'll poop in the car seat, right? GUARANTEED!

    2. As is witnessed by my day, above ;)

  14. Sometimes it's good to keep track, if only for the perspective. :)

  15. Love the messy house pics!! Makes me feel better about life! :)

  16. A little Arrested Development does the blogging good!


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