7 Quick Takes - Photo Dump!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Pants-Free link up is open until the end of the day Saturday!   Show us your outfits, or even just one!
Here's what I wore this week:

As you can see, I'm still having varying degrees of success focusing the camera in timer mode...

And here's Cecilia's best outfit this week!


How cute are these babies?

They were wearing coordinating outfits, so of course I had to take pictures.  And of course they did a REALLY good job posing...
It's like she knows how futile the exercise is...

Someone gave us watercolors for John Paul's 4th birthday and I actually let him USE them!  He had so SO much fun, and the salt painting actually made him concentrate really hard and work on his fine motor skills, which he rarely wants to work on...

He wore a party hat all day on his birthday, including out to dinner.

A tablet with 5 commandments (middle), a rainbow (top), color blending (right), and a snake (bottom)

He requested letters to paint.  Because he's John Paul.


Garden progress!
Hot pink hydrangeas!

The pear tomatoes are growing like CRAZY

The green zebras are slow and steady, and the chocolate cherry tomatoes are doing pretty well
I took this a few days ago and they've grown so much since then that the cages can't contain them!  What do we do to keep them from toppling???

I'm excited for strawberries in a few weeks :)

The cantaloupe plant has several flowers - if we get even one melon out of it, I'll consider it a success.  The dying plant was $2, and a cantaloupe is $3 at the farmer's market.
I just love that Cecilia is swinging while sitting on a baby blanket and holding a doll between her legs...
She wanted pigtails AND a fountain.  We're pretty much ready for pageants...

I made the kids "ratatouille" because I needed to use up a bunch of veggies and I knew they would eat anything if I called it ratatouille!  So it's not reeeeeeeally ratatouille but it was delicious, especially with all the goat cheese!

And thus ends the photo dump - I'll try to add today's outfit photo later!

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  1. Your kids are the funniest! And yes, Mary Claire clearly (like her middle name, hello) knew that resistance was futile. "Um, Mom? You really expect us both to pose?"

  2. Funny, one of my takes was that salt painting, too! The boys really liked it which was nice because usually those types of things are never worth the work :) I just love those baby faces!

    1. Exactly! I put so much work into these crafts that occupy them for like, 30 seconds... But he was happy with this one for like, 20 minutes!

  3. Those matching outfits are precious! Where did you find those?

    The hot pink hydrangeas are lovely and all those photos are great.

  4. Love all of these pics. The matching dresses are precious! And, look at all your produce - delicious! Funny, I have a recipe for ratatouille planned for the week. I've never made it but yours looks amazing!

  5. Any veggie concoction with that much color can be called ratatouille, if you ask me! It's awesome your kids will eat it. Max swallows his veggies without chewing and chases them with water, like they are medicine.
    And yay for your garden growing. Ours is past its peak because it's been hot since April. I'm hoping for a third crop! ;-)

  6. Oh goat cheese! My husband makes this amazing tapas salad with lettuce, tomato, eggplant, olive oil, onions, and goat cheese. Thanks for the reminder that I need him to make... ASAP!

  7. I can't believe your kids will eat that veggie thing. YOu're lucky or I'm doing something very wrong!!!

  8. I love Cecelia's outfit!

  9. You're a much better gardener than me. What do I do to keep my tomato plants from falling? Nothing. They are all over my patio...

  10. I have teeny tiny tomatoes. My plants aren't nearly as tall as yours, but that's because mine are too close together and I am too lazy to re-pot them.

    1. My mom says I'm over-watering and that's why they're so tall... Whoops!

    2. Well, I said that that was all I could think of. Because you said that they get lots of sunlight, right? That's the only other reason I could think of that they were so leggy. Though I think maybe that they get lots of sunlight relative to most other parts of your heavily-treed yard rather than a true abundance of sunlight. Eh, whatever. They'll be fine.

  11. I love JP's masterpiece, and your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  12. Boy, do you have some cute kiddos!

    And where did you get the skirt you're wearing in 15 and 16?

    1. They do look the same, don't they! #15 is a denim skirt from either Gap or Banana Republic 4 or 5 years ago. #16 is a polka-dotted skirt from TJ Maxx in May - maybe they still have it!

    2. Thanks. And in answer to your question: VERY cute.


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