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Friday, July 26, 2013



I never did update last week's quick takes with that day's outfit, since Andrew whisked me off for a surprise anniversary trip (which maybe I'll post about tomorrow?  We'll see if I get pictures off his phone...).  So here's what we have starting with LAST week, and today's outfit will be added whenever I get dressed:

Aaaand yesterday's outfit, since it wouldn't fit in the collage!
Edit:  Here's today's outfit, pockets and all!


I've been posting every day this week, and it hasn't really been a change from the usual.  I just find this challenge kind of amusing because Jen is posting actual things that require thought and writing and perhaps even proofreading.  And I'm posting my same old stories about poop.  I have some drafts of serious posts (as serious as I get) buuuuuuut they're just such a drag and I don't feel like finishing them!

Speaking of poop, I have a pee story for you!  You may want to skip this if you already know it's going to gross you out...

So, John Paul and Cecilia were getting ready to get in the tub and were stalling as usual.  So I said, "Okay, who's going to pee first?"

Of course, that made them both rush towards the potty.  Cecilia jumped on and John Paul stood in front of her, getting ready to pee at the same time.

"NO!"  I said, "Don't pee on each other!"

"PEE ON ME, CECILIA!" Exclaimed John Paul.

No sooner had he said it than she arched her back and expertly aimed the stream of pee riiiiiiiight at him.

And I, in a moment of utter parenting failure, could not stop laughing.  And of course, THEY were laughing, and there I was laughing so hard I was crying when John Paul starts saying, "Pee on me AGAIN!  Do it AGAIN, Cecilia!  Pee on me again!!!"

Soooo I got all stern with them and gave them stacking cups with holes in the bottom and told them they could use THOSE to "pee" on each other in the tub but they were never to pee on each other again.

And I still can't really stop laughing...


On a slightly less-disturbing note, they invented a new game outside when I refused to push them on the swings.  It's called "Lion Tamer" and I find it HILARIOUS!

The rules seem to change throughout the game...  But it involves a hula hoop usually?

 And one of them climbs up the slide while the other climbs up the ramp...

And then slides down, tackling the person climbing up.  

Cecilia had to check her dress each time to make sure nothing had happened to her sticker...


John Paul is usually pretty practical about what snacks he should and shouldn't get from the fridge.  So when he pulled the last slice of leftover pizza out, I didn't really care because it was old and crusty anyway...  But I couldn't help but laugh at Cecilia, sitting on the kitchen floor eating crumbs out of the box.  Then she closed up the box and started trying to put it back in the fridge!


Aunt Sister came to visit!

And showed us all just how photogenic she is...

And helped a very small Cecilia hold what looks to be a very large Elizabeth...

Garden progress!

I think we're finally going to get a squash!  I've been fighting powdery mildew like nobody's business, but I'm pretty sure we finally have a female flower, right?

And one of our pepper plants is really producing well!  The peppers are still tiny but I'm so excited and so are the kids!

The bush bean flowers are turning into tiny fuzzy little beans :)

And the zinnias that I planted just for Cecilia have started blooming!  And they're attracting some pretty gorgeous butterflies - we'll have to plant more next year!

We also have SO much basil - the packet said to plant 5 seeds every 6 inches or so, I guess assuming some wouldn't sprout.  Well, almost all of them sprouted!  Thankfully the lemon basil seems to be doing the best, and that's the variety I wanted the most because have you HAD pesto made with lemon basil?  SO good!  

 In other news, if you come to my house I will send you home with herbs.  Or pick some herbs and forget to send them home with you, which happened today...  Whoops!

Come take my basil!

Our pineapple tomato plant, the lone holdout, has started producing some promising flowers.  These tomatoes are supposed to weigh up to 2 lbs/each - I can't wait!!!


Elizabeth cut her second tooth.  And decided that she knows how to pull up on things.  Which means now she wants to be held in standing position at all times, each hand clutching one of mine.  Which is fine when you just have one baby BUT I HAVE TWO!!!  Mary Claire, thankfully, seems to show no interest in pulling up on anything.  I'm hoping Elizabeth learns to walk before Mary Claire even gets close - I can't deal with two babies at the "pull up and then fall down on everything" phase at the same time!  Twin mommies - how do you deal???

Go check out other quicker takes at Jen's, because I'm incapable of making mine quick!


  1. We got a play set a few weeks ago and E plays by herself for all of 2.5 seconds before wanting to be pushed on the swing again and R is too little to climb the stairs to 'play house' with E. So she ends up getting pushed in the swing too. Seriously being pregnant plus the heat and humidity and the bugs got to me the other day and I told them I could not push them anymore. Patiently waiting for the day when they will just get out there and play by themselves!

    1. I get so tired of pushing them! They'll play by themselves if I send them out there with their lunch or snack, so I've been trying to do that more. But if Cecilia weren't so mature, I don't think I'd be able to leave them alone!

  2. I took your advice and tried to hunt down some skirts and couldn't find a single one! Where is your Go-Too place when it comes to shopping? Clearly I need help

    1. I'm all over the place - I love eShakti for vintage-style skirts, I've seen a ton of cute ones on ASOS and ModCloth but I've never bought from them, Forever 21 can sometimes have decent cheap ones, and Old Navy has great basic jersey skirts (I like their pencil skirts, the foldover ones make me look too frumpy!). What kind of skirt are you looking for?

  3. Great kid tales!
    Hope you are having a good visit with your sister.

  4. Your garden looks gorgeous!! I have teeny tiny tomatoes, but that's it!

  5. I'm jealous of your garden...and I love fresh herbs..especially basil.

    I think I like #23 and #24 best for outfits.

    That pee story is hilarious.

    1. I thought it would never grow but now we have SO much! I'm pretty excited to make more pesto :)

  6. Do pineapple tomatoes taste like pineapple? I must have one, either way! Lemon basil sounds pretty darned cool, too. Yum!

    And I can't stop laughing about Cecilia peeing on John Paul, either! Half of the secret to parenting seems to be not laughing when one wants to. Remember the story about Paddy and Peggy throwing everything out of their window?

  7. I loved the peeing story, too - I have a little girl who thinks she is a boy most days - she can't understand why she cannot pee standing up like her brothers (especially in the great outdoors).
    My boys were the same way about pulling to standing - they are 5 now - I remember holding Asher's hands to standing all the time and Evan wasn't even interested. Eventually, I just sat on the floor and let them "climb" me - Asher was happy pulling up on my back to play peek-a-boo and when Evan was finally ready, he got the hands!! Such precious moments and they are gone in a flash - enjoy every moment!

    1. Ha! Cecilia has definitely tried briefly to pee standing up, I think I have beaten it into her head that it's never going to work...

      I've been spending a lot of time on the floor with the babies these days - I think we're definitely at that point where they just want to climb all over me all the time, so I might as well just give in! Thankfully they have older siblings who are happy to be climbed on too :)

  8. Oh, that picture of Cecilia holding Elizabeth! Elizabeth looks enormous--who ever thought we'd say that?--and Cecilia does *not* look amused.

  9. OK - you totally ROCKED the skirt challenge. I have even pinned one or two outfits I love them so much. Great job Miss Rosie. Fabulous job indeed!

    As for your sweet little ones, they are just beyond cute. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thanks! It's definitely getting challenging coming up with new combos, but it's really useful to see just how many outfits I can get out of a few pieces!


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