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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife for my Five Favorites of the week - 5 of my favorite inventions!


Doesn't it drive you nuts when you  your kids spend a long time building an awesome set of train tracks and then someone comes along and sits on them and messes everything up?  This keeps it all together!  So when I spend forever making an awesome double-bridge with a spiral and like, 8 splitters, Cecilia can't knock it down!

I mean...  John Paul makes it.  Andrew and I don't spend time building awesome train villages after the kids go to bed.  Not at all...


Ikea drying rack

PRESSA Hanging dryer with 16 clothes clips IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to fold up. Saves space when not in use.
Source:  IKEA
 Space-saving, perfect for drying my cloth diaper covers, and looks like an octopus!


SUCH cute prints, fold up tiny, hold a TON and don't hurt when I sling several on my shoulders because I don't want to make multiple trips from the car to the house to carry my groceries.


*If you click my link amd sign up, we'll both get $20 credit if you rent a dress - it's win-win!

I generally want to wear nicer dresses to weddings than I can justify spending money on, particularly since I KNOW I'll probably never wear them again.  Enter Rent the Runway - for as little as $40, they'll send you the dress of your choice in 2 sizes right before your event and you send it back without having to worry about cleaning it!  Way cheaper than buying a new dress you'll never wear again, and these are NICE brand-name dresses.  I'm considering the ones below for a wedding this summer:

Green Royal Standard Dress by Badgley Mischka
Shoshanna Dixie Ruffle Dress
 Nursing-friendly and SO cute!!!


Ikea bag clips

BEVARA Sealing clip IKEA
 Okay, if you don't have an IKEA around you I know you wish you had one...  But these bag clips are so amazing that you might want to have a friend buy them and send them to.  Durable, easy to use, hard for little kids to open (bwahaha!), great for babies to teeth on - the uses are unlimited!

Okay, go check out more Five Favorites at Hallie's!


  1. How have I never heard of those railroad clips before??? Those could totally make my life easier and prevents lots of crying (from the kids...not me).

    1. They're AWESOME - a little tricky at first, but you can leave them on and just let the kids slide them over the junctions so that the creations don't get destroyed.

  2. Those clips are pretty awesome. We mostly use them on chort charts, though.

    Hevel from kosherkola.com

    1. I love them! I found them on another blog a long time ago, but I can't remember where...

  3. I, too, refuse to make multiple trips from the van to the house after a grocery trip. I'm so glad my reusable bags hold so much more than plastic!

    1. And they actually hold the milk jugs! We buy 2-3 gallons at once, which makes it impossible to carry them inside unless we put them inside a reusable bag :)

  4. 1. I have that drying rack! Used for the sand purpose. Love.
    2. Those railroad clips sound genius.
    3. I really have to give envirosax a try because I too loathe multiple trips from the car to apartment post-grocerying. And I'm actually probably the most awkward sight ever when I'm trying to carry/balance a car seat, 3 grocery bags, a gallon of milk, and iced latte...

    1. I'm so much more likely to use reusable bags if they're cute, so I feel kind of cool with my envirosax! Even the Sesame-street themed ones, which I got for the kids and stole for myself :P

  5. That dress idea is amazing!!! Who would have ever thought?

  6. Agree those IKEA clips are wonderful. Will have to look into those track railroad clips.

  7. You need to do the stroller handle thingie next week, okay?? That thing was so cool!

  8. I love Ikea...and both your faves from there. I sense that may be what I want to do for Mother's Day now... :)

    Where does one find Envirosax? I really would love to start using my own bags, but if they don't go over the shoulder well I don't particularly care for them...those are really cute!

    1. http://www.envirosax.com/ There are lots of options!

    2. They also have them on amazon and I've seen them on zulily too!

  9. Oh, I want one of those octopus drying racks! The closest IKEA is 3 hours away, though :(


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