A Deep Post - How I wear cropped pants

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to take a mediocre self-timed photo:

1.  Perch the camera on a tall enough piece of furniture because you're too cheap to get a tripod that you know your kids will just break.

1a.  Make sure most of your kids are napping...  I was 3 for 4, so I figured that was as good as it was gonna get.

2.  Use a stuffed animal as a guide for focusing the camera, like so:

3.  When it looks close enough, set the self-timer feature to continuous so that it takes 10 pictures at once.

4.  That way you can try to look natural in a whole plethora of different ways without having to pose again!

Here's how I wear my cropped pants (from Kohl's) - with a chambray shirt (cloth & stone from TJ Maxx, SOOOO soft!) and sandals that should really be wedges but my feet were hurting.

In other news, I'm short.  Have you heard?  Yeah, really should've gone for those wedges...

Anyway, I'm linking up to my all-time favorite fashion blog (okay, the ONLY one I actually read...) to prove to you that, despite what you see on my What I Wore Sunday posts, I actually do wear pants!  And this is my favorite pair, which normally doesn't make me look so stumpy.  I blame Elizabeth...

And just so you have a little humor with this post...

Cecilia, running to the door to retrieve a Victoria's Secret catalog that had come through the mail slot:  

"It's a balleWINA catawog for ME!!!"

Sure, Cecilia. Ballerinas. That's what we'll call them...

After leafing through the magazine for a while, she finds a pair of hot pink 4-inch heels:  
"DOSE are BIG GIRL shoes! Maybe I get pink BIG GIRL shoes for my BIRFday!"

In other news, it's probably time to take us off your mailing list, VS...  Much as I love your underwear, the prevalence of small children in my house who run to the door to retrieve the mail the second it comes in means your catalog is NOT safe!


  1. Def not stumpy!! Goodness girl- that outfit is cute!!!

  2. Visiting from ANMJ link! Love your chambray shirt! I'll have to check my TJMaxx...too cute about your daughter thinking the models were ballerinas! I have three girls, luckily I get to the mail first, mostly to hide the Oriental Trading Co catalog though :)

  3. You look very, very cute. But that outfit makes you look like Elizabeth's big sister. :-)

  4. Hey Rosie, just wanted to say two things:

    1) I love the pants and the outfit!

    2) I just bought this little tripod so I could have photos of myself while traveling solo: http://joby.com/gorillapod I thought of it for you as it's very durable (though maybe it looks too much like a fun toy and will actually encourage the kids to play with it?) You would probably still want to set it on something for your WIW photos, as it's quite short and you'd get an upward angle if you just put it on the ground. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed having it on our trip so thought I'd mention it!

  5. You look great, mama!

    Focusing the cam while trying to take selfies...always challenging ;).

    Thanks for linking up with us this month! Cheers.


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