Saturday, May 4, 2013

Okay, you guys really wish that Jamie lived near YOU, because then she would bring you bacon chocolate for your birthday and come play at your house without even complaining about how the place is so crazy messy that her baby started eating paper he found on the floor!
(In all fairness, I had just gotten home and the twins had been super-high-maintenance for the babysitter so she couldn't get anything cleaned up and I was nursing the babies until Jamie got there...)
AND she doesn't even complain about the ant on the tray that you served cookies and milk on, for which there is no defense. We have ants. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of them.
But ANYWAY, for our first visit we were just so excited to be in the physical presence of one another that we didn't take any pictures!!!
Worst. Bloggers. Ever.
Don't worry though, because I've got a trillion from this visit!
Emeric is a master of the backward crawl, which is why he managed to make his way to the paper...  Don't know why he couldn't make do with the doll blanket, plastic lid, teething toy, or 75000 plastic animals on the way to the paper - there's just something about that non-food!

Okay, that's not the paper he found...  Apparently John Paul's new "craft" is "Rip all the paper you can find into long strips and then throw it on the floor."

Showing off for the ladies while contemplating the pink Mrs. Potato Head visor.  Also, I promise Mary Claire gets tummy time (at least once a week...).  She can actually hold her head up, she just chose not to because she was about 7 seconds away from taking a nap.
 AND NOW... 

For your viewing pleasure...


"Okay, everybody sit on the step!  No, the second step.  Yes, John Paul, that step.  Cecilia, sit down!  Clare, move down to the second step.  Ava, almost there!"

"It's a popcorn kernel, John Paul.  Not a mustard seed.  Clare, go down to the SECOND step.  Cecilia, it's just an ant.  Sit down!"

"Okay fine, everybody on the top step.  Ava, it's just sand, you don't need to brush it all off.  John Paul, sit down and stop worrying about the popcorn kernel!"

"Ava, it's clean enough.  It's fine, it's just sand!  Everybody, hands on your knees and smile!"

"No, look at me!   Cecilia!  Look at me!  John Paul, where are your shoes???  Ava, just sit down, you can brush the sand off later!"

"Everybody smile!  No, laugh!  Cecilia, look up here!  Clare, turn around!"

"Clare, turn around!  Look!  Cecilia, look up!"

"Clare, look at Miss Rosie!"  Cecilia, stop looking posessed...

"Okay good Clare, now sit down!  On the step!  John Paul, Cecilia, look up here!"

"Okay good, everybody smile again!"

"NO!  One more!  Look at Miss Rosie!"
Cecilia:  NO, DAT'S MY MOM!!!

And thus ended a lovely playdate!  Next time we will clean up beforehand...  And perhaps just lock the kids out of the house and lie on the floor drinking mimosas?


  1. Sweet pictures! My kids are the worst for good participation in group pictures. They pretty much never look at the camera.

  2. Love these! Those captions are my favorite :)

  3. LOL! They are too cute! And I'm amazed that you got one picture with them all sitting and facing the same direction!

  4. HAHAHA oh my goodness I laughed SO are seriously the master of recounting hilarious stories!!!!

  5. Great pictures ~ excellent captions!
    Sympathy about the ants, we have them too!

  6. Hey, where's the engagement picture of Mary Claire and Emeric? I keep wanting to spell his name with a final H. It's the German in me.

    Jamie, Rosie was trained by her dad and me being the voice of our various dogs.

    1. Hahaha I missed this comment earlier!!! I just post the engagement pic on my blog :)

    2. I don't know why you're laughing. I'm telling the truth. ;-)

      Well, except that the pic probably is not of their engagement. Keep me posted on that, okay? The grandmother is always the last to know. ::heavy sigh::

  7. Ha, ha...I love the pictures and captions. It doesn't get any easier posing 4 older children me.

  8. So you guys had 7 kids under the age of 4 playing at your house with only the two of you? Wow, I'm impressed. At least it was nice enough to get the older kids outside for a little bit. Can I be invited to one of these play dates after June? :)

  9. You had me at bacon chocolate...and mimosas. When are you two making a road trip to Jersey?


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