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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Or is it Mothers' Day?  Or just Mothers Day?  I never really know which is correct - Mother's, belonging to just one Mother?  Or Mothers' celebrating all Mothers?  Ugh.  Whatever.  Honestly, I think it should be a celebration of all the women in your life, because they're all mothers in some sense of the word (well, once they reach a certain level of maturity.  I'm not giving Cecilia presents for Mothers' Day, no matter how much she mothers her baby dolls...).
Anyway, here's what we wore:
John Paul's pants don't look *that* pink in person.  I blame the camera...  Also they're still too big, but I like them so he wears them anyway and the suspenders pull them up to his ears.  Awesome.

I'm finding that the below expression tends to be my default expression of pictures with the kids.  I call it "Apologetic Resignation."  It totally rivals Blue Steel.  We had family picures taken for the church directory yesterday and this was my expression in every single one:

Shirt:  H&M
Skirt:  eShakti (I LOVE coral on bottom.  Looks stupid on top for me, but on bottom it's so fun!)
Shoes:  Same as last week and many other weeks...  I only have a couple of pairs of summer dress shoes!
Blurry arm:  "Look self-timer, I have pockets!"
What's John Paul looking at?
Mary Claire!  And a Sophie Giraffe photobomb!
We layered a little bit more to go outside - Cecilia found her pink sweater and wanted to wear that instead, of course.  And how am I to refuse, "Ackscuse me, may I pwease wear my pink sweater instead?"

Blazer:  Benneton a million years ago (nope, doesn't button anymore, that's how much bigger my ribs have gotten)
Scarf:  Zulily (Elizabeth rated it "very tasty")
John Paul:  Mouth full of apple.  Can't go to Mass hungry, after all.
The kids did marginally better at Mass this week - Cecilia only had to be taken out twice, and John Paul did well enough to earn 1/4 of a doughnut.  Little by little...  And now Elizabeth and Mary Claire have started wanting to make their presence known, mostly by happy shrieks.  So I'm thankful for bad acoustics so that most people don't hear them!
OH and a PSA - I know I've talked about this before, but do you have your email linked to your blogger profile?  Because I'm a lot better at responding to comments via email, and suddenly a bunch of users that USED to have their emails linked don't anymore...  Which I assumed was on purpose, because maybe you didn't want me emailing you responses to your comments anymore (not that I'm creepy, right?  I did email Cari a song that I wrote for her once, I think that might have been a little much for her...), but THEN I saw that Jamie's email address wasn't linked anymore and I KNOW that's not because I'm creepy, because our bonds of friendship are so deep that I give her pants when she brings a poopy toddler into my house!
So anyway, if you WANT your email to be linked to your profile so that I (and many other bloggers) can respond to your comments through email, this tutorial from Grace should help you out!  And now I have to check to see if my email is still linked, because maybe the email eating monster took mine too...
Anyway, linking up with FL&P this beautiful Sunday!  Hope your kids decide to take simultaneous naps like mine so that you can take 15 minutes to blog just like me :)


  1. I have no idea how to make that profile linked to email thing...I'm pretty sure I have mine, but I can never figure it out (even with Grace's tutorial).

    Anyway, I love your expression...at least you are smiling.

    1. Hmm it looks like blogger changed the dashboard since the last time I checked the tutorial... But if you look at your blogger profile you can click edit, and make your email linked there. Yours isn't linked when you comment, it shows up as "noreply-comment@blogger.com"

  2. Your kiddos are pretty cute. :)

    And thanks for the link to the tutorial linking email addresses. I went and checked and think I am good, but if not, my email is msdeyle@gmail.com (clever? not so much but oh well).

  3. Very cute, agree coral is a tough color close to the face but in bottoms ~ win.
    Hope you enjoyed some doughnut too!

  4. That first picture is a classic, just like the Easter "here's our family on our front porch" one. First you have the beautiful young mom looking kind of like an early 1950s mom with that wonderful skirt. Elizabeth is kind of a generic baby, but she can't help that. Then there's John Paul, who is pretty much saying, "Yeah, here I am, take the picture." Cecilia is hilarious, though. She looks so wonderfully suspicious!

    From 2033 on, everybody who knew the three of you (leaving Elizabeth out again, poor little thing) is going to smile so much at this picture! "Oh my gosh, look how young Mom looks! And John Paul has exactly the same face now, but can you imagine him wearing pink (oh, salmon?) pants? And Cecilia is so cute and funny!" Call me in 2033. I'm telling you, that's what they're going to say.

  5. Oh my, _could_ you and your kids get any cuter??? John Paul's pants and suspenders are my fave. :-)

  6. I would not be able to refuse a request like that either- so precious! Love the coral, and the wedges are so cute. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I love that coral as well! Why doesn't it work for you on top? It seems like that shade would look great with your coloring.

  8. Ahhh, you guys are just too cute for words! I especially love the skirt and the shoes. And I'm with you on how to write Mother's Day (I tend to default to that one). Then there's Valentine's Day and All Saints' Day (amiright on these?). I think I'm connected to email but I guess I should check and make sure! Regardless, I love following your blog and your precious family :) Hope they're treating you like a queen today!

    1. I get tripped up with Farmer's Market, too - Farmers' Market? Farmers Market? I just never know...

      You used to be connected via email but for some reason it got switched to noreply-comment@blogger.com - I have no idea why!!!

    2. I hadn't thought of that one. I'd guess Farmer's Market, but maybe Farmers' would be more accurate!

      Thanks for letting me know about the email thing. I think I just fixed it :)

  9. I so love your weekly updates. You look fabulous in coral. I guess I need to see if my email is connected. I think it is, but I changed my profile over to google so who knows.

  10. I love your outfit and yes that coral skirt is awesome!!

  11. John Paul looks so dapper! I think Colton would just look super nerdy in suspenders. I guess we can always borrow yours and try it out :)

    This is my favorite outfit of yours that I've seen so far. Very flattering!

    And it's totally amazing how much a rib cage can expand, isn't it? Seriously, I think I went from like a 32 to a 36 with extenders at one point (extenders because the cups were getting too big. Why are 36C cups so much bigger than 34C cups anyway?).

  12. "Apologetic resignation"/Blue Steel--that made me laugh.

    You look adorable, as does your brood. Happy Mother's/Mothers'/Mothers Day!

  13. Cutest family of littles ever.

  14. You all are so stinkin adorable!! I love that gorgeous skirt :)


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