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Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, today is Andrew's and my 11-year anniversary of being together (5 years married at the end of June), so of course I'm celebrating by being up at the crack of not even dawn and heading out on an all-day amusement park trip with 100 middle school students.  SO to ease your pain at the separation from me, here are some funny things the kids have been saying!


Me:  Cecilia, watch out.  Elizabeth pooped on the floor.
Cecilia:  No, she pooped on da WUG!
Me:  Well yes, she pooped on the rug.
Cecilia:  And H-I-C-J spells WUG!
Me:  No, R-U-G spells rug.
Cecilia:  And I-H-G spells wug!!!

Well, we're getting closer than her most recent attempts of lining up 3 random letters on the fridge and telling me they spell things like "Mrs. Mouseling" and "Angelina Ballerina."

Thank goodness she has impeccable fashion sense to go along with her genius!


John Paul:  Here's how you play "The Wedding Feast at Cana"

First, you take some water in some cups.

Next, you crack an egg (he cracks a toy egg).

Third, you pour some water into the yellow bowl.


Disappointed:  It's still water.

Let's play "The Washing of the Feet!"


JP:  Mom!  I'm changing water into wine.  It's my first miracle!

He has since moved on the playing "The Martyrdom of Sts. Felicity and Perpetua," in which he cuts off Elizabeth and Cecilia's heads...  Just like any normal 3-year-old, right? 


Me:  Cecilia, are you going to be a flower girl in August?
JP:  Yes!  And I'm going to be a LEAF BOY!!!

Cecilia, after I didn't want to read to her because I was nursing both babies:  I dink...  Dad will wead it to me!  Because HE has hands!  And...  He don't have any babies!

Cecilia, giggling and farting:  A waspbewwy comed out of my boooooty!!!


Cecilia, breathlessly:  Here's your party hat, Mom!
She presents me with her cup from breakfast with a little bit of milk left in the bottom
Me:  Thank you, Cecilia!
Cecilia:  Put it on!!!


John Paul, jumping in front of Elizabeth:  She's so impressed!  *jump, jump*  She's happy!  *jump, jump*  She wants to say, "Wow!  Look at that kid jumping!!!"

Yup, that's Elizabeth's impressed face, all right...


John Paul, holding a cup he had just filled with water and taking a sip:  There's an ant in my cup!  Now it's bug juice!!!

Well, at least he's not afraid of ants anymore?  To be clear, he had left it in the playroom, where the ants like to congregate because the kids leave food on their table...

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  1. Did you put on your milky party hat? Whenever one of my boys did something like trying to feed me his spit-out food from the high chair and I declined, my husband would tease, "If you loved him, you'd eat it."

    I love it when you post things your kids say. They're priceless. (And I continue to be astounded by the things your JP knows about his Faith!)

    1. Haha I declined :P She wasn't offended, thankfully!

  2. Have fun on your field trip.
    These are excellent especially #6!

  3. Wow, that WAS early! We should've been up by then to get M out the door, but we ended up sleeping in a little - good luck with the munchkins! Last time I went on roller coasters was when I was relatively newly pregnant, and had no signs of morning sickness but I was worried I'd be puking all over everyone and then I'd have to tell people, lol. Thankfully, the rides were uneventful in that regard. It's a beautiful day to be outside, so enjoy the Vitamin D! :)

    Also, I love the pics of the kids outside - they look like they're having a blast with your new backyard.

    1. Yeah, I discovered that I really am too old for roller coasters... Next year I'm bringing an extra book and reading all day!

  4. These are my favorite kind of posts! I can't wait until my daughter is saying ridiculous, hilarious things!

  5. These are some of the best from Cecilia. I knew she would start giving JP a run for his money on the "things kids say" front. I can't wait until the twins join in! I think Cecilia's farting comment is amazing. I so wish you had that on video.

  6. 11 years- wow! Happy Anniversary. Oskar and I are approaching 5 years this summer, as well. Can't believe how fast time flies!

  7. Hahahaha! These are awesome. Our 11 year wedding anniversary is at the end of June- the 29th actually. So our anniversaries kind of cross. ;)

  8. Leaf Boy! LOL!! So cute! And the Daddy will read b/c he doesn't have babies sounds like something my Juliana would say! Happy anniversary!

  9. I have a complaint. When I read these in my usual spot, Daddy hears me and demands that I read them to him. You need to write humorless stuff so that I don't have to work so hard.

    Plus I bet Elizabeth really is impressed. She just doesn't talk yet. So there.



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