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Sunday, May 19, 2013

John Paul has been excited for Pentecost since Easter.  He's been talking about it nonstop, so when I saw Catholic Icing's Pentecost craft, I KNEW that was something I could handle. 

Pentecost crowns!
"My Catholic cake is made with a Wi-fi icing!!!" He said, looking at the Catholic Icing website...
He was a little upset that there was no Ascension song on the Pentecost page, so he made up his own:
"The Ascension Song" by John Paul (sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques")

Tra la la la, Tra la la la,
The Ascension, The Ascension!
Tongues of fire, tongues of fire,
Puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces.

 Can you tell what distracted him?
And last night the smoke alarm started going off so of COURSE Andrew had to start singing, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"  to which John Paul responded, "The roof is on fire!  BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST PENTECOST SUNDAY!!!"
Yeah, I'm raising a liturgy nerd...
So anyway, we had to make sure to get as much red as possible into our outfits.  John Paul suggested he wear his red sweatpants, but that idea was quickly vetoed in favor of seersucker pants and a red sweater vest.  Cecilia's dress is as close as we could come - the flowers look kind of flame-y, right?  And I have red shoes, but nothing else...
Picture taking was not our finest this week:

Ohhhhh so awkward...  But sadly, it's the best we got!
I was feeling gray and gloomy because the weather was disgusting...  So I dressed accordingly?
Skirt:  H&M
Sweater:  Express
Shoes:  Nine West
Exhaustion:  c/o Mary Claire, who decided 3-5 AM was the time to coo and blow raspberries.  And one of the lovely things about twins is that you can't tag-team this sort of thing, because Andrew had to snuggle Elizabeth in bed to keep her asleep.  Yay.
The kids did NOT wear those hats to Mass - I convinced John Paul he didn't want his tongue of fire getting wet and limp...  And Cecilia wanted to wear her raincoat with a hoodie, so she had to take her hat off.
Mass behavior?  Cecilia was pretty bad, bad enough to be sent to her room when we got home.  John Paul was pretty good, and got a lollipop from the Knights of Columbus on the way out of Mass.
Hopefully I'll have my act together enough to make the kids "Pentecost Sundaes" tonight after dinner.  Or maybe I'll fall asleep before we even make it that far...
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  1. Ohmygoodness, this is so funny! Our parochial vicar started his homily with "Fire! Fire! Please leave the building!" He was referring to last year, when he was about to be ordained to the priesthood. He was given the opportunity to preach a Pentecost homily, which was going to be all about fire and the Spirit—and the fire alarm went off! The pastor said that the fire alarm had never gone off in the four years before that, but it went off three times on Pentecost Sunday. And I was at two Masses, so I got to hear the homily twice. I love our parochial vicar, so that was fun.

    Once more, you look unbelievably good. Especially in the penultimate picture. Not so much in the antepenultimate. Or in the proantepenultimate. Sometimes I really love Latin. Also Daddy's tales of high school Latin class.

    Anyway, I bet there are a lot of mothers of multiples who curse inwardly when they see you. You set the bar very high!

  2. I love those Pentecost hats. So cute!!

    You look great...as always!

    Pentecost Sundaes...tell me more? I assume there is something red on ice cream...maybe strawberry syrup?

    1. There's a link somewhere on the Catholic Icing website - we just used what we had, mint chocolate chip ice cream and I made some chocolate syrup - really only tied into Pentecost in that it was a sundae :P

  3. I love the Pentecost crown...and Pentecost Sundaes are brilliant! I think we will have to start that tradition here. Perhaps some strawberries, mandarin oranges and bananas for the red, yellow, orange fire effect....

    Your clan looks lovely per usual. And I do love the touch of red in the shoes despite the dark outfit. Perfect!

    The sun shaded out my face or else you'd see exhaustion courtesy of a screaming 2 year old at 1 AM who didn't want daddy to change her diaper or put her back to bed. I think I will compile a novel for when she wants to start dating... ;)

    1. That's what blogging is for right? So I can remember all these embarrassing stories for later ;)

  4. I love John Paul's song! Awesome!
    I think I have told you this before, I LOVE your red shoes. I need a pair. I, too, wore black and gray to match the weather. Ha! It was so blah that I am not linking up, but you look lovely. :)
    Pentecost Sundaes = brillant.

  5. That craft & the sundaes = such cute ideas. You look great, and I love the red shoes. And bleh, this weather has been lousy- esp. for May!

  6. i am super jealous of your style. So beautiful!

  7. The crown is awesome! And you look great with the classy black and heels. I just love your adorable cherubs and am glad they join you for pictures on Sundays!

  8. You look adorable with the skirt and turtleneck. Well styled!

  9. JP is awesome.

    Also, can you please get the twins in the WIWS posts for those of us with baby fever? Thanks from my uterus :)


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