Selfies, or Self-Portrait?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've realized while blogging that there are VERY few pictures of me with the kids that have been taken.  WIWS has helped me a little bit, but now I basically just have a ton of pictures of me and the kids standing in front of the fireplace in our Sunday clothes...

So, in the spirit of Theme Thursday, I've been trying to take more pictures that actually have ME in them.  Does that count as a self-portrait?

Me, JP, MC, and a JC photobomb

Me, Mary Claire, and my grandmother

Elizabeth and me

I suppose this is a more honest self-portrait, since this is what I do 90% of the time when I'm at home!

Cecilia did NOT want to be in a picture with me that day...  And I swear I took some pictures of just me for this, but I can't find them!!!  Maybe later...

Linking up with Cari for Theme Thursday!

Edit:  I KNEW I had taken some pictures for this assignment a while back - I looked at them and was kind of amazed at how much happier I look in the pictures with the kids!  Guess I'm confirmed in my vocation!

WAY more makeup than I normally wear - this was right before our church directory pictures were taken.  I get a kick out of how you can see me holding the camera in my eye!


  1. I love the nursing photo. It's really simple and beautiful.

  2. I do so love the honesty in the last photo. You just see love.

  3. Beginning to end: just perfect!!

  4. I love the ones with you and the babies (and your grandmother)! I don't have many selfies either. In fact, I'm hardly in any photos on family outings. Now that my Mary Clare is old enough to use the camera, I need to hand it to her to take photos with me more often!

  5. These are just precious, Rosie. Your kids will treasure these. I need to do better about this, too.

    And the nursing photo just melted my heart.

  6. There are hardly any pics of me and J too. I really need to do better (and bathroom mirror selfies dont cut it haha)

  7. What lovely pictures. I can remember those times in my life where that last picture could have been me, too! Those were wonderful self portraits!

  8. Bravo! Seriously, it is so hard, and I love your smiling eyes and how JP looks like your little brother. And the nursing shot is a true self-portrait and so, so lovely.

  9. Ahhhhh!!! The only thing more beautiful than newborn pictures are nursing pictures. (sounds less weird in my head, trust me)

  10. Love them all! PS- MC totally has your eyes.

  11. You have a lovely smile, Rosie.
    The nursing picture is so snuggly and sweet- that one's my favorite.

  12. The nursing photo is so sweet. My daughter-in-law can relate, I think. Her three-month old has a lot of what she and my son call "cluster feedings." I think she feels like that's all she does!

    And the eye picture is SO COOL.

    You are such an adorable young mother!

  13. That last picture is really cool!

  14. I realized yet again today how few photos I have of myself with my kids... I've even been slacking on the WIWS ones.
    You look great in all of these! I think I like the first one the best- it shows how your son is enjoying you, too!

  15. I love the nursing pic, too—but then I love all of them! Somewhere, I have a picture of me nursing a newborn Rosie at some family gathering or other. Don't worry, it's very discreet. It just looks like I'm holding you right next to a slightly pulled-up T-shirt.


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