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Monday, May 13, 2013

Cecilia, sitting on the potty:  Juice in da potty!
Me:  No Cecilia, there's no juice in the potty...
Cecilia:  What comed out of my booty?
Me, looking:  ...  Diarrhea.
Cecilia:  Oh.  It's juice!
Me:  No Cecilia, it's not juice.
Cecilia:  Juice for dwinkin'!
Me:  Yes, Juice is for drinking.  But that's not juice.
Cecilia, matter-of-factly:  It's just juicy.

Cecilia's current birthday wish list:
A pink bicycle
A pink helmet
A purple ballerina dress
A pink pony
A pink cowboy hat
A pink mug ("It-a be my OWN mug!")
A purple toothbrush
Striped pajamas (already has some)
A pillow (already has two)
Pink sandals (already has a pair)
A kitty mask
A tiara
Basically everything she sees, she wants.  So she tells me "Maybe I get it for my BIRFDAY!!!"  Hope she's not disappointed come January...
Pretty much the entire Oriental Trading Company catalog is on her wish list.
John Paul, after I got him up from his nap:  I'm still reading The World of Pooh.
He furiously turns the last few pages
John Paul:  It has 314 pages!
Me:  Wow, that's a long book.
John Paul:  Pictures! 
He runs to the potty, peeking out from behind the door
John Paul:  I LIKE peeing in the potty!!!
Me:  That's good...
John Paul:  I puked in my puking bowl.  When I was sick.  And my tummy was full of strawberry yogurt!
Yet another deep talk with John Paul.
Andrew says we don't need a swing set because the kids will get tired of it after a week.  Meanwhile, Cecilia is using his back as a slide.  Methinks he will see my reason eventually...
This picture is from the same day - it was about 80 degrees out and I suggested Cecilia change from her polka dot shirt into something cooler.  She ran down the hall yelling, "A T-SHIRT!!!  TO DWINK TEA!!!"
Then she came back with a pair of plaid shorts and a long-sleeved zebra-print shirt.  And would NOT be swayed into changing either pattern.  Ah, my little fashionista.


  1. I laughed at pretty much everything in this post. You couldn't make this stuff up. It just isn't possible.

    So she's sliding down Andrew's back. And on Friday, she asked him and me to swing her. And he doesn't see the need for a swingset. Uh huh. :-)

  2. In my opinion a swing set is a splendid purchase for your children. It can last for years (years with the kids playing on it).

    I enjoyed the post. It's been many years since I had to deal with such things.

    1. It's true, a swingset can last for a long time. When we bought the house in which our kids grew up, the backyard had an old swingset. It lasted until the kids outgrew the need. Rosie would shop so carefully for a swingset that hers would last until the youngest of her kids was too old for it. Considering that Rosie only just turned 27 and expects to have more children, and that will be a very long time from now!

    2. And it's so hard to get them all to the playground because there's almost always a baby napping. This way I can just let them loose in the backyard!

  3. 8-yo daughter still thinks plaid shorts go perfectly with long-sleeved zebra striped shirts...that's totally an outfit she would pick out.

    1. Yes! It's like they think more patterns = more beautiful outfit. Totally a little girl mentality :) Although John Paul does it a lot too...

  4. Frances still dresses like that, and she's nine!!

    1. I kind of love it - the crazy non-matching that you KNOW is instigated by the child :)

    2. But you're missing out on the really fun part—when you take her to school and say pointedly to the teacher, "Cecilia dressed herself today." Translation: Don't blame me for the plaid shorts and zebra-striped shirt. Especially if they're inside out.

  5. You better get her her own mug, that is too cute!

  6. So hilarious, as always.

    I agree with the wise posters, the swing set won't get old.

  7. We got a swingset when I was little, and my brother and I played on it for years. It was great for playing with friends too.


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