The Things They Say

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cecilia, trying to climb into the babies' crib:  Um, put me in da cwib?
Me:  No Cecilia.  It's not your crib and stop trying to climb in!
Cecilia:  If I have a wadder I can cwimb in!
Cecilia, trying to reach something in the closet:  It's too high.  If I have a wadder I can weach it!  I GO TO DA STORE AND GET MY WADDER!!!

Cecilia, upon Andrew's return from work:  Knock knock who's DERE?  DAD!!!

John Paul:  My favowite confirmation saint is Kay-us.
Me:  Do you mean Caius?  How do you spell it?
JP:  C-A-I-U-S.
Andrew:  Yup, that's Caius.
JP:  He was a pope and martyr!  (Correct.  Where does he learn this stuff?)

Aunt Sister:  You guys, did you know we're going to get a new pope tomorrow or the next day?
Cecilia:  Fwom da GWOCEWY STORE!!!

Aunt Sister:  John Paul, I'm going to see Jesus.  Do you want me to tell him anything?
JP:  Oh, I wuv you so much!
Aunt Sister:  What can we do to show Jesus how much we love him?
JP:  Make Him a Valentine!

Cecilia:  I'm going to pway da PEW-no (piano)!!!  Uh-MACK-YOU-WHAT MAWWY your pwaises we sinnnng! (Immaculate Mary)

Cecilia:  Sing da boom boom song! (Froggie went a-courtin')
Aunt Sister:  Froggie went-a courtin' and he did ride -- (pointing to Cecilia)
Cecilia:  Cecilia!!!


  1. My youngest son loves trips to the GWOCEWY STORE!!! too. :)

  2. Adorable! (And how does your son know so much at such a tender age? You must be doing an amazing job!)

    1. If we end up having no more boys, at least we've got a good shot at the priesthood with this crazy kid :)

  3. Remember that the young Aunt Sister (at maybe two years old) got so excited about going to the grocery store? "Go to go to go to GOsewy toyah!!!" You have to say the first six words fast and then hold the GO in grocery for a beat.

  4. Hahaha I love the "H" on John Paul's head!!!!


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