Monday, October 19, 2015

What Would You Do? Housewarming Crowd-Sourcing

I'm gonna sneak in today's post real quick while Peter's napping (!!! Still!!! No way is he sleeping tonight but clearly he needs the rest since he didn't budge when I went in to wake up...) and John Paul's reading to the girls.

We're having our housewarming party this weekend (want to come? The more, the merrier!) and since it's October and kind of chilly, it seems to me that our usual burgers-brats-hot dogs fare isn't seasonally appropriate, right? Andrew still wants to go with that, but I really want to do a soup party, Theresa-style.

The problem?

Well, Andrew doesn't really like soup...

So what's a man-pleasing, meat-heavy soup that doesn't seem like soup? He dislikes most vegetables, and I think his dream soup would probably just taste like a cheeseburger... Pasta e fagioli? Cheeseburger soup? Send me all your links & recipes!

I'm thinking I'll make a big old batch of mac 'n cheese, a ton of crusty bread, chili & corn bread, maybe minestrone, and then whatever meat soup YOU help me find!

So... Help? Please and thank you!
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