The Barn: After {Blessed Brunch}

Monday, October 12, 2015

Remember this picture? The barn before it got cleaned out? (More here if you want a reminder!)

Well, I promised you "after" shots, and here they are!

A dozen or so ladies gathered at our house on a beautiful fall morning - just the right amount of nippiness in the air to *really* feel like October. Beth (who will certainly have nicer pictures whenever she posts about this!) and her mother and sister-in-law transformed our barn into a lovely gathering space where we could all chat and drink mimosas, coffee, and tea. There's something so wonderful about being in the presence of women who are serious about their prayer and their faith! 

A few ladies had already left by the time we took this picture, but here are the rest of us! If you have the opportunity to go to a Blessed Brunch or host one yourself, you should! Many of us have young children at home and talked about how hard it is to take time away from our children even when we know we need it - I know I felt guilty and then Andrew returned hours later with happy children that he'd taken to a local park where they got corn husk dolls and had a fabulous time! I might need to leave him to have a little fatherly bonding more often ;) 

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