I Might Be Crazy {31 Days Writing Challenge}

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some of my blogging friends are participating in a challenge to write a blog post for every day in October. Lately, I've actually been having all the thoughts and all the ideas and WANTING to write more but... Well, the kids go to bed and I collapse into a heap on the couch with my ice cream.

Then I get up and wash dishes and arrange John Paul's homeschooling stuff for the next day.

Then I collapse into a heap again, decide to go to bed, and lie there awake for awhile thinking all the thoughts and *not* falling asleep.

So, in an attempt to clear out my brain, let's try getting all those thoughts down here!

Most people are choosing 1 topic and blogging about it all 31 days. My topic? Well, life. So there's gonna be a little bit of parenting, a little bit of homeschooling, a little bit of homesteading, cooking, faith, fashion, you know... The usual!

If you're new here, this is basically us in a nutshell!
Posts will include...

Home, Home on the Homestead (what we've done at our 19th century farmhouse, what we're going to do, and what we'd like to do but probably won't get around to)
How to Toddler-Proof Your Homeschool (or at least how to keep them from ripping that workbook out of your first grader's hands)
Life Hacks for Underachieving Moms
Fostering Kindness in Children: An Idiot's Guide
Our Favorite Picks for All Saints' Day
What They Said (Twin Edition Here!)
Coffee Is Not Breakfast: 15+ Ideas to Tame Your Hangry
7 Reasons Crazies Like Us Keep Having Babies
How Public School Strengthened My Faith
More Princess & Ballerina Books that Won't Drive You Nuts

And more!

So what would *you* like to read about here? Anything you've been dying to ask? Click over here for more bloggers participating in the challenge!

I'll be updating with all the posts so you can click over from this page if you're interested!

Day 2: A Tale of Two Babies
Day 3: What They Said: Twin Edition

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