Thursday, October 8, 2015

This afternoon I got stuck behind a tractor driving the big kids to Atrium. Julie warned me this would happen come harvest season... And really it wasn't a big deal, he pulled over as soon as he could and the short line of cars passed. But given how many tractors have been passing by our house every day? Yeah, I think I officially feel like we're *really* in the country.
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When your neighbors bring their ponies by for a pre-bedtime visit... You might be living the #countrylife.

While I was gone, my mom was out front weeding with the twins when another man drove by on a tractor and stopped to talk to her for awhile about how his brother had lived in a trailer on our property years and years ago - he told her all about how much everybody had loved the couple who lived here before they died a few years back. I'm hoping we can find out more about the history of the place from the neighbors, especially the reasoning behind some of the quirkier construction aspects of the outbuildings and my mom's little house!

Our house in the 70s - they added a bathroom after that some time and also built a shed, and several of those trees aren't there anymore... Pretty cool to see, though!

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