Argyle & Elbow Patches {WIWS}

Sunday, October 11, 2015

This morning I slept *just* late enough not to be able to go to the 7 AM Mass at our parish, so the kids and I all went to the 8:30 with my mom. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, that's for sure! But boy, was it ever physically exhausting...

John Paul vs. Cecilia. Is he a teenager already or something?

I would crop these, but... Well, I don't care?

We got there *right* as the opening hymn was starting, and the pews were packed! We managed to ask some nice people to move over so we could fit in, and I felt kind of awful for them because the lady on the end had to keep getting up so we could move, and the lady on the other side had to deal with fighting toddlers who wanted to be picked up by me at the same time... But she was so sweet and even picked Mary Claire up the one time she would let her!

I solved that problem by wearing Elizabeth on my back so I could pick up Mary Claire. But then Peter got fussy, so I had to take him out and Elizabeth was still on my back and Mary Claire followed us... Follow that by two trips to the potty and a fair amount of whining about wanting to go outside, and you've got the rest of our Mass experience in a nutshell.

Peter's little cardigan, though? Makes any fussiness worth it. Argyle & elbow patches - nothing like baby boy clothes! And my lack of belt didn't matter so much when I was wearing the Ergo all through Mass, but it's a little more obvious in these pictures... Meh.

Hope you had a beautiful Sunday! Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday.

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