Same Photo, Different Angles {Theme Thursday}

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This week, by golly, I'm posting my Theme Thursday pictures on Thursday!

Peter LOVES standing by the screen door and watching everything - it's actually pretty interesting, there are cows across the road in front of the house, and the darned cat is usually around in back, plus there are all those fascinating siblings to watch, too!

However, it's not a great place to get a picture - too much sunlight gives that awkward halo effect ...

A different angle works a little better, although it really just captures the hair I'm in denial is in serious need of a cut... Sadly, it hasn't gotten long gracefully, and is really just scraggly. But I'm afraid that if I cut it it won't be quite so red!

And I was going to try one more angle, but... Well, he was trying to eat the camera. You know how it is.

Linking up with Micaela at California to Korea for Theme Thursday!

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