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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kelly's been hosting a Link-toberfest for her Quick Takes this month, and I have yet to answer any of her questions because I always ended up writing my takes before she posted them... But not today! Today my entire POST will be an answer to her question!

Which, in my case, means I'll be listing my 7 most popular and my 7 least popular Quick Takes posts - hopefully you're bored and want to click around for a while, because this should keep you busy!

Looking back, all the least popular posts are from when I first started linking up with 7 Quick Takes - it took a while for people to start consistently clicking through to read what I had to say, clearly!


We'll start with the 7th most popular post, as well as the 7th least popular...


22 Catholic Bloggers. 7 Babies. One Conference.


Coming in at #7 is...

Mary Claire running for Pope!



My first Stitch Fix review (I was so hopeful...)!


Some really amazing conversations with the kids from years ago... Gosh they were funny! Also weird...

John Paul:  I'm a BFF!
Me:  You're a best friend forever?
John Paul:  Yes!  And I'm an OB!
Me:  You're an obstetrician?
John Paul:  AND I'm an obligation.
Me:  What?
John Paul:  I'm a holy day of obligation.  
Me:  Uh...  What holy day of obligation are you?
John Paul:  August 15th.
Me:  Oh.  So what does that make you?
John Paul:  I'm the Assumption!!!



A post with links to my 7 favorite posts from 2 years ago... I think I've probably got some new favorites now!


My very first Quick Takes post! Including a picture of how dramatically different in size the twins were, because Elizabeth took forever to start gaining weight...



That post where I drew eyebrows on baby Elizabeth and it ended up getting linked to on College Humor...


Tiny Elizabeth in a giant hat, and me marveling at all the crafts I let the kids do in one week (it's STILL a big deal if they paint, let's be honest...)



My 2nd Stitch Fix Review - and after 4 tries, I can conclude that Golden Tote is by far a better fit for me!


Blast from the past, a post from almost 3 years ago in which you can marvel at poor Elizabeth's bald head and big ears... Of all our kids, she's the one whose appearance has made the most dramatic improvement since infancy!



Mom Style: How to Start - clearly I'm not the only one who needs help!


My 2nd ever Quick Takes Post (really not interesting....)


And the most popular post is...

Pregnancy & Post-Partum fashion tips! Because nobody really knows what to do with that awkward belly...

But more exciting, really, is the least popular post...

My 3rd-ever Quick Takes post! Which actually includes some amazing quotes from 2-year-old Cecilia, who was awesome. 4-year-old Cecilia is ALSO awesome, but man she was FUNNY back then!

Judging from the popularity (and unpopularity) of these posts, it's obvious that the best way to get lots of views on your Quick Takes is to write about fashion, and the worst way is to write random things about your kids. At least for me!

Want to see what other people have written? Check it out at Kelly's!

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