What They Said, Volume 19

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reading about St. Vincent de Paul...

Me: John Paul, do you think you might be a priest some day?
John Paul: Mm... Yeah. A priest AND a mathematician.
Me: And what about Peter? Do you think he'll be a priest?
Cecilia: Yeah! Because he LOVES it when I talk about Jesus!
John Paul: And whenever I'm not doing priest stuff, I'll just... Work on some calculus... And if I need to look at something really small, I'll just use my microscope...

Cecilia: Mom, would it be okay if I played with John Paul's snap circuits?
John Paul: Yeah, and I'll be her trusty assistant!

Cecilia emerges from her room wearing a skirt as a poncho...
Cecilia: Look Mom! I'm wearing my skirt as a poncho so my arms don't get too hot!
John Paul: What's a poncho?
Me: It's like a shirt with no sleeves.
John Paul: Oh, kind of like a chasuble! That would be... A liturgical poncho!

And then I died laughing.

Talking about Sisters vs. Nuns...

Me: So Cecilia, do you think you would like to be a Nun and be cloistered away from the world, or a Sister who helps people in the world?
Cecilia: A NUN, so I can get away from my BROTHER.

Not sure they'll accept that as a proper reason at the convent...

Me: Cecilia, why are you wearing a tank top under your shirt?
Cecilia: Well, I made myself a bra too, out of Easter egg shells and strips of paper taped together, but it kept ripping apart...


Me: What's your favorite thing about the new house?
Cecilia: Oh, that they left a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom for us to use!!!

Unrelated blurry picture of a baby in a hat. Because how could I not?

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