What They Said, Volume 18: Twin Talk

Saturday, October 3, 2015

And now for another edition of... What They Said! I ended up with so many quotes that I split it into two editions this month. First one up? Twins!

Cecilia: I wish we still lived in our OLD town!
Me: Well, when you grow up, you can move back there.
Mary Claire: I'm NEVER gon' gwow up! I'm just gon' be a CATERPILLAR!

Me: Mary Claire, go put your underwear back on!
Mary Claire: No, I don't like green!
Me: I don't care, you still need to wear underwear.
Mary Claire: It's inside out!
Me: Then bring it here and I'll fix it.
Mary Claire: No, don't fix it, it's not bwoken!

Mary Claire: I want to go downstairs!
Me: Are you going to do naughty things?
Mary Claire, in her sweetest, most innocent voice: No, do NICELY dings!!!

Me, catching the twins playing with cat food: Well great, now I don't have to feed you dinner because you ate cat food for dinner!
Elizabeth: NO, it was our SNACK!

Elizabeth, watching me cut up carrots: Mommy bird, you're cuttin' up my worms.
Me: Worms for dinner?
Elizabeth: Yeah, worm thoup!


Elizabeth, watching me crack eggs: Mom, dose are de turtles' eggs and you cwack de eggs and da baby turtles come out!!!

Scrambled turtles. Tasty.

Me: And when we get chickens, you guys can take care of them because you're big kids!
Elizabeth: And I be a yittle chick in my PINK egg, and I will be AWAKE in my egg!!!

Elizabeth, carrying two books with handles: I'm just traveyin' to wuhk.
Me: Oh, what kind of job do you have?
Elizabeth, angrily: I'm just GOIN' to wuhk!
Me: And what do you DO at work?
Elizabeth: Um, wead books.
Me: That sounds like a great job!

A minute later...

Elizabeth: I just GO to wuhk, I don't DO wuhk!!!

Elizabeth, stomping toward the door in pink rain boots and a pink owl backpack: I have sawt on my finger.
Me: You have what?
Elizabeth: It'th for science expewiments.
*stomps outside, comes back in within seconds*
Me: What science experiment did you do with your salt?
Elizabeth: I... Ate it. *stomps back to the kitchen* And now I will get THWEE sawt for you...

I'm writing a post every day for October! This one's #3. Thanks for reading!

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