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Monday, October 5, 2015

Make tea and have a poetry tea time!

It's been raining, and raining, and raining some more around here... Not the slow, steady dip of temperatures with crisp air that the transition to fall usually is. No, the temperatures have dipped 30 degrees and we've been thrust into a change of seasons with practically no warning!

Being cooped up in the house, for kids who have been spending so much of their days outside, has been stifling for them and panic-inducing for me. Because yeesh, the screaming! And the fighting!

Basically, this:

So, in an attempt to restore some sanity to our day, I made some "tea" (hot water, mint from the garden, lemon juice, and honey), served it in fancy teacups, and we snacked on marshmallow popcorn (maybe I'll post a recipe soon - all the ones I based it off of are the same, but seem to use microwave popcorn and we don't have a microwave so stovetop it was!).

We read some poems from one of our favorite poetry books (definitely worth owning in hardcover or the full boxed set if you don't have the other A.A. Milne books - you will appreciate spending the extra few dollars for a book that is far more indestructible than a paperback), beginning with "Disobedience."

The title, as you may guess, made the eldest child wary, as he expected a moralistic diatribe on the importance of obedience. You may imagine his delight when it was, in fact, the disobedience of a parent! One of my all-time favorite poems ("You must never go down to the end of the town if you don't go down with ME!"), for sure.

Of course, the baby needed nursing and my mom took over - fun things like this would not really be possible without her because wearing the baby just means he'll kick against my back and pull my hair, and putting him down just means he'll pull up on my legs and scream until I pick him up, and naptime is not such a reliable thing in these parts...

So was it a cure for cabin fever? Certainly not. The troops were still restless the remainder of the day, but it sure was a fun diversion!

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