Mountain Picnic

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fun fact: Skyline Drive in Virginia gets CRAZY crowded with tourists every autumn as they all decide they want to drive through simultaneously and veeeeery slowly while admiring the views and fall colors.

I figured a Wednesday would be better than the weekend, right?

And it was, but I still got stuck behind very slow cars going there and back...

We met up with some moms from church for a picnic at the rest area - Andrew joked about us really getting our money's worth for the park pass we bought, given the fact that mostly we just go to the visitor center four miles up...

John Paul ran off with the camera and this picture just makes me laugh every time I see it, so I couldn't delete it!

6 moms, 20 kids, and apparently not enough babies for Cecilia (there were 6, plus one in-utero)...

Is it just me, or does it feel like the colors should be more brilliant at this point? There just seems to be a disappointing amount of brown this year, which is sad.

Of course, John Paul's favorite part was the telephone he found by the restrooms... "For Local Calls Only" so of course he called the City of Winchester. Apparently the first two times he left messages asking for bubble gum. But he managed to get through the third time...

John Paul: I just finished making my phone call to the City of Winchester! And this time they actually picked up!
John Paul: I asked them for 10 gum balls and 2 butterscotch candies. I told them to charge it to my account. They asked me for your phone number, Mom!
Me: Did you give it to them???
John Paul: Yup! Then I hung up.

Shockingly they didn't call me to scold me for my son prank calling them... Other than that, though, it was a good time and a beautiful day!

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