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Monday, October 26, 2015

Well, that... Didn't happen.

You know, the posting every day this month?

I tried. Oh well. Saturday was our housewarming party and it went really well! Tasty food, great company, perfect fall weather, and no time for blogging. And Sunday apparently the weeks and weeks worth of exhaustion caught up, because I was bed-bound all day long (aside from the hour in the morning I was up with Elizabeth before I went back to bed, and the hour I was up with Peter while I waited for my mom to get home from Mass) with a horrible headache and stomachache. So once again, blogging wasn't so much on the to-do list.

Not that you really mind! And really, I feel like I could just ignore it except... Well, I said I would do it. And I didn't. So there you have it - sometimes life gets in the way and that's that.

I'll just consider this the end of the pressure for writing every day this month, honestly. It's been fun, but tiring - I hate not having the chance to answer comments on the previous post before I publish the next post, and I haven't had a chance to visit other blogs and comment as much as I usually do. Plus all those "substantive" posts I wanted to get written? Well, making the decision to write every day doesn't magically make it possible to write every day, nor does it guarantee I'll have any brain power left by the time I can write.

Maybe those drafts will get dusted off, and those real posts will get finished. And maybe not.

So I'll just give you a picture of the baby grabbing leaves and leave (ha!) it at that. Maybe I'll have something to stay tomorrow, or maybe not!

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