A Tale of Two Babies {7QT}

Friday, October 2, 2015


There aren't many times when having twins is easier than having one baby. But one really nice thing about Mary Claire and Elizabeth was that they would sit and play together starting from a pretty early age. 

Peter sitting and playing by himself? Not so much.

But a couple months ago he and Margaret (Cristina's little girl) both reached that wondrous stage where they could both sit in each other's immediate vicinity and not fall over! 

Margaret is a month older than Peter, so I think they were almost 8 months and almost 9 months here

And they discovered a wonderful game.

Which Margaret wasn't sure about, but Peter pressed on!


It was an exercise in curiosity...

And the sharpness of new teeth...


And in persistence!


And really, it was such fun!


Until someone got a little *too* persistent...


At which point poor Margaret's ladylike sensibilities weren't having it anymore!


So the big kids' insistence that "Margaret and Peter go very well together" was finally realized! 

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