7 Trends I Will NOT Be Trying This Fall {7 Quick Takes}

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Is it just me, or is fall fashion drunk this season?

Here's the thing: I keep seeing things in stores and online that were HUGE trends back in like, 1998. Middle school me wants these to be in style so bad.

Middle school me also used to wear a chain on her wallet.

Not even a trendy chain, a dog chain that our Rottweiler wasn't using. Because why buy a chain when you can use one you already have?

So, without further ado, here are 7 things you will not be seeing me wear this season:


I used to wear these with a plaid skirt and white uniform shirt, just like Britney Spears. They scuffed up the gym floor, though, so my PE teacher wouldn't let me wear them even if I was just walking through...


I remember when I went through a growth spurt in the 6th grade, and my beloved flares were about an inch too short, but I wore them anyway because I loved them. That's what this trend makes me think of. Only these people seem to have made them the wrong length on purpose.

Thankfully the internet seems to agree with me here (for once, read the comments)!


If even this obviously-very-skinny model looks like she's trying (and failing) to hide a spare tire, where is the hope for the rest of us??? Besides, I gave away my Xhilaration overalls in college, once I realized that flare overalls weren't even going to work for future Halloween costumes.


This one generally doesn't offend my sensibilities as much as other trends... But seriously, it's kind of a lot of work getting boots on. Why would you want to give yourself MORE work, only then not to be able to bend your leg at the knee? Why does this make sense? And this particular pair... Well, there's a reason we called these "Prosti-boots" in high school.


I spend enough time every day dealing with various stuffed animals. If I wanted to cut one apart and wear it as clothing, I would. At least I'd save money, and it'd look about the same as some of these faux fur items.


Remember that unfortunate season when dress shorts were a thing? Oh yes, I bought a pair of dress shorts. I wore them with pointy-toed heels and was pretty sure I looked fabulous at that Model UN conference. Culottes are apparently trying to be a thing the way dress shorts were a thing. Don't do it, culottes. You can't make it happen.


I'll admit, some of the things being called "ponchos" this season are kind of fabulous, but they are NOT ponchos - they're capes or batwing shirts or shawls, but not ponchos. "Poncho" brings to mind the hand-knit things with fringe that my siblings and I wore for who knows what reason when we were kids. Or Ugly Betty. Remember her? Not gonna happen here. I like sleeves.

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