The Barn: Before

Friday, October 9, 2015

More than one person (my husband included) has suggested that we may have been a bit crazy to think our barn/workshop/whatever it is would be a decent place to hold tomorrow's Blessed Is She brunch. 


Well. It's old and not in the greatest condition. And dirty. Also full of old furniture. But Beth (hey Beth? Are you ever going to blog again?) and her sister-in-law Christine came over this evening and seriously transformed the place. I can't get over what they've done with the place!

But since it's not done and we haven't had the brunch yet, I'm just going to tease you with some before pictures...

There's a lovely, eclectic mishmash of linoleum on the floor, as well as some rustic exposed concrete from where the tiles have peeled off (that dresser on its side in the back is getting painted and put in the girls' room eventually).

Greenery peeks in through cracks in the floor, while dead bugs provide a crunching soundtrack to your footsteps.

A random TV screen and wall full of an old hornets nest is framed by tools...

And the ladder to the loft rests on a mattress we don't have room for in the house right now.

The low roof makes it the perfect spot for the 5'2"-and-under crowd...

And my favorite feature? Electricity! Sure, some of the outlets aren't functional, but there's light!

The main doors had fallen off their hinges when we moved in, and Andrew's working on replacing them. But for now, we have a lovely open feeling!

Seriously, you're going to be AMAZED at what they've done to the place! I sure was - this sort of thing is not my forte... There's a reason we all have our own gifts!

Excited to see the difference? Me too!

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