10 signs you're raising a precocious 2-year-old

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10.  His favorite shape is a trapezoid.

9.  He can be kept occupied for an entire shopping trip with addition flashcards.

8.  His favorite playground activity is marching on the equipment while chanting the ABCs.

7.  He corrects his teacher in music class for singing the words to a song out of order.

6.  His favorite way to postpone naptime is to name as many saints as possible, asking for intercession ("Sane Joe-fuff, pway fo us!  Sane Ann, pway fo us!").

5.  He likes to read adult books solely for the page numbers ("Sheven...  Twenty-nine...  NINETY-FWEE!!!")

4.  He bursts into song in the bathtub, serenading us with, "Math Is Everywhere!"

3.  He is difficult to get in the car at home because he's busy calling out the numbers of every house on the street ("Numbah sixteen house!  Numbah twenty house!").

2.  He refuses to color like a normal child, instead handing a parent the crayons and demanding that certain numbers, letters, or shapes be drawn for his entertainment ("Pay-wa-gwam! (parallelogram)  AND hegasson (hexagon).  Numbah six!  J!  Lettah K!  Lettah H!").

1.  He brings his mom a magnadoodle several times a day asking for more "Addin' pweeeez!" (more adding, please!).

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  1. #2: My niece does that too! She always wants us to draw something for her, but doesn't usually want to draw herself.


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