A VERY good birthday

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Okay, he might not really understand what a birthday is, but I figured I'd try to make this a good one for John Paul.

He woke up VERY cheerful.  Score!  We started off the day by getting dressed.  Someone decided to pull a pair of plaid shorts out of his drawer and try to put them on while naked.  He did actually manage to put his legs through the waistband, but got stuck with both legs in one hole.  He fell down several times before he whined for me to come help.

His outfit of choice?  One swim shoe and a pair of training pants (he is VERY excited by training pants and always wants to wear his "undah-wear").

Apparently he decided to strike a model pose...

He had a very tasty breakfast - I got him a mango as a birthday treat (wild, right?), cooked him an egg, and gave him some banana bread.  Sure, it sounds simple, but normally he just has a banana and milk.  This is the before:

And the after:

Possibly the biggest breakfast he's ever actually eaten.  Kiddo loves mango!  He grabbed some peel off the counter before I finished cutting it up and ate that.  Maybe I don't need to bother peeling them?

Then my very big boy pooped in the potty and got a treat (well, I caught him when he was about to poop on the floor and plopped him on the potty).  Is it really that hard to keep a hershey kiss in your mouth?  Apparently...

He decided to have a wrestling match with Cecilia (which means she tried to crawl and play by herself and he mauled her while trying to kiss her).

The face says it all.
Then we headed to the bookstore to get his free birthday cookie (mostly mine, but I let him have some) and use a coupon to get him a new book.  As usual, he was VERY excited about the ampersand.  For some reason, he decided to hug it this time...

Some kids get excited by life-sized characters at amusement parks.  Mine gets excited by ampersands.

We headed to the playground after that - he had a blast jumping on the bridge, and decided to be the friendliest kid ever.  "Hi!  Hi kids!  Two kids - hi two kids!  Kids wunnin'.  Hi kids wunnin'!"

He got half a cupcake after dinner, but was mostly concerned with picking the star sprinkles off and eating the icing.  Of course it was not a neat affair.

Then we headed to St. Raymond's for mass.  He did TERRIBLY two weeks ago at the same mass, but this time he did very VERY well.  He whispered when I told him to whisper, and we only had a couple of instances of him running out of the pew.  His two loudest disturbances:

"Pwiest!  Hi pwiest!" (when the priest got up to give the homily)
"Sane Waymond.  Pwe-fo-us.  Teh-wezz.  Pwe-fo-us.  May-way.  Pwe-fo-us." (St. Raymond, pray for us, St. Therese, Mary)  He had left the pew to go look at the religious statues.

When those are the biggest issues during mass, things are pretty great.

All in all, a pretty awesome day.  We sang Happy Birthday to him MANY times and he loved it.  Next up:  A birthday party at the playground with BALLOONS!  And cupcakes with star sprinkles.  And hot dogs.  What could be better?

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  1. I'm sorry that I'm the only one who ever comments. However, your son is AWESOME. I am so proud of him, even though I have had very little to do with his upbringing. He's such a sweetheart! And not *nearly* as dumb as he looks!


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