Friday, July 29, 2011

Most of my facebook statuses are John Paul related.  I kind of figured that it'd be a good way of keeping track of the amusing things he says/does.  But I realized that it's really hard to go back and look at old status updates!  So I'm going to start copying and pasting here so I don't lose these gems.  We'll start with this week and work backwards.

7/27:  Our dinnertime conversation: "What dooooes HOST say? This-a my body. What doooooooooooes Chayiss say? This-a my bwood. What doooooooes chicken say? Buh-buh-buh-buh-CAWK!" Because, of course, transubstantiation and animal sounds go hand in hand.

7/26:  I don't understand why John Paul loves to get dirty so much. Yesterday he picked up a giant handful of dirt and stuck half of it in his mouth. Today he found a mud puddle at the playground and decided he needed to explore it with his hands and feet (while chanting, "Dirty, dirty...").

It may have been a mistake to teach him to wash his hands at the sink, since I'm pretty sure that's what inspired this obsession.

7/25:  Recap of yesterday:

"BasIWka!" "Yes, we went to the Basilica" "Shews and sand. SHEWS AND SAND!" "And then we played with shells and sand at the aquarium." "Matt. MATT MATT MATT MATT!" "Yes, we saw Matt." "Pweeeeeeeeeeeeez!" "And Margaret?" "Mawgwit. Mawgwit. MAWGWIT! Fish song!" And then I had to sing the goldfish song over and over... Glad that's what sticks with him about our visit to Baltimore.

7/23:  John Paul's new favorite toy: Number flashcards from the dollar section at Target. Ah, simple pleasures...

7/22:  John Paul just declared, for the first time, that he and Cecilia are "fwends." THIS is a serious milestone in my book!

7/21:  Yesterday John Paul decided to give the ampersand at Barnes & Noble a hug and a kiss good bye.

I think he might be a little overly friendly...

7/20:  Apparently getting shots is not at all traumatic - John Paul keeps giving himself more shots with his syringe saying, "Shots! Bwaaaave (brave). Bandaids!"

7/19:  I turn my back for 15 seconds and Cecilia has crawled across the entire room. This is not fair.

7/18:  Dearest son: I should not have to retrieve ham from the back of your neck during lunch.

Love, Learn some table manners already!

7/17:  John Paul decided to sing the entire Ave Maria during the Sanctus at Mass today. Too bad he automatically associated Latin with the wrong prayer!

7/16:  And the birthday party is over. Remind me to get this kid a bottle of sprinkles for his next birthday and nothing else...

This morning's "good" ideas, courtesy John Paul:

1. Crawling under the jumperoo while Cecilia is playing in it.

2. Jumping next to the wall with crayons in hand.
3. Going to book club naked (this one was NOT accomplished, thank goodness).

Ah, to understand a toddler's mental processes...

(A note on this one:  One of his "good" ideas later that day was to eat about 20 cherries, pits and all.  We discovered the next morning that cherry pits pass through toddlers with nary a care!)

7/13:  John Paul's current new favorite foods: Water chestnuts, capers, and bamboo shoots. Seriously.

(My favorite comment:  "Your son may be a panda.")

7/11:  Andrew Hill is encouraging Cecilia to crawl. I do not approve. Luckily, she's only managing to scoot backwards and rock back and forth on her hands and knees. Maybe the next baby will be a little slower?

7/10:  "Aw" moment of the morning: John Paul, upon meeting a new priest and shaking his hand, "Kiss-a pwiest!" Then he leaned in and gave a very small kiss on the cheek.

7/7:  ‎6+ hour road trip - Cecilia's first time in the car for such an extended period of time. Could not have gone better!!! 10 minutes of crying max, 3 naps, and she managed to nurse while in the car seat. Win!

(Note:  The trip back was not as good...)

7/6:  Playground in the rain = fun for toddler, not fun for mom. Home and VERY wet. NOW what are we supposed to do with the rest of the morning?

7/5:  Note to self: Undress the toddler BEFORE drawing the bath.

Someone has not yet learned that socks + bathtub = rather wet & squishy...

7/3:  "Wayzin say? (What does a raisin say?) EEEEEAT-A-ME!" I'm going to consider this his first joke ("You. Are. Fart." just doesn't qualify for me...).

That's all for now - I'll paste more of them later, primarily for my own archiving purposes.

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