Monday, July 18, 2011

I think that right now the proper term for Cecilia's crawling progress is "scrambling."  It's pretty amusing to watch - I put her down on the floor with a few toys around her, she immediately flips over and takes inventory, pivoting towards the object of desire.  Then she gets up on her hands and knees (or toes) and very deliberately FLINGS herself towards it, often bellyflopping only a few inches.  She immediately gets her arms out from under her and repeats until she has gotten far enough.  And somehow she's gotten ridiculously fast, as inefficient as it may seem...

See that little head in the background?  She's coming!

Getting closer!


She's gotten particularly fast at this when I leave my computer on the floor.  Looks like we're not watching Hulu together anymore... 

In other news, John Paul had his 2-year checkup today.  He's still on the bigger side of the growth charts - 88th percentile for height, 78th for weight, 99th for head circumference (let's face it, this is never going to change.  It's time to start investing in super-sized hats...).  I was so proud of how both of the kids did - he was extremely cooperative (the nurse said one of the most cooperative 2-year-olds she's ever met) and didn't even cry when he got his shots!  We had been practicing with a toy doctor's kit his godfather gave him, so he lay back very nicely and held his toy syringe in one hand and a bottle of star sprinkles (his bribe) in the other hand. 

First shot.  A little whine.

Second shot.  "Mmmmmmm all done!  ALL DONE!"  Not a single tear, just let me know that he wasn't having anymore.  He was due for 4 - we haven't had any since his 12-month checkup, but I thought 2 was enough in one day.  Then he very happily sat there eating star sprinkles while he got bandaids.  And Cecilia chilled in her car seat chewing on a book every time I had to put her down.  It seems that it's a lot easier taking both kids to the doctor when they're not actually sick!  Her checkup is in a couple of weeks, hopefully it will go just as smoothly!

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