A long day...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've been awake since 5:30.  Cecilia decided that she would rather blow raspberries than sleep.


We put her in her swing for like, 20 minutes.  Didn't work.  I kept hoping Andrew would just take her downstairs so I could sleep, because he always says he can't fall back to sleep after he wakes up.  No luck.  I took her downstairs at 6.  And Andrew didn't even go back to sleep!  Not fair.

John Paul woke up at 6:30, probably because Andrew was showering.  He ran to the clock in our room and shouted, "SEVEN NIRTY-FWEE!"  If only.  Then he corrected him self.  "SIX NIRTY-FWEE!  SIX NIRTY FWEE!  YAAAAAAAAAAY!"  He clapped his hands enthusiastically and came running back to his room.

Ugh.  If only 6:33 were "Yay."  If only we had actually gotten to sleep that late.

Cecilia is already down for her first nap at 7:30.  I don't know what this is going to do to our plans for the rest of the day...

So now John Paul and I are on potty watch while we read.  We've read 8 books already...  He keeps crouching and saying, "Pooooooping..." so I take off his diaper and put him on the potty, and then he changes his mind.  He told me now he wants to be naked, so maybe that'll help things?  We're definitely getting closer - if I put him in a diaper without a cover he tells me when he's peeing and wants to be changed immediately.

And our playground plans for today aren't gonna happen since it's already 82 out and we weren't gonna go for another hour.


It can only get better, right?

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