Saturday, July 2, 2011

John Paul seems to be having issues with me nursing Cecilia lately.  Here's the thing - when I'm nursing her, that means she's not playing with him and she's not even LOOKING at him while he's playing.  Not okay.

So very often when she latches on he turns and sees that she's nursing and whiiiiiiiiiines, "Baby Cee-yah LOOKATCHOOOOOO!"  Because, of course, he wants Baby Cee-yah to look at him.  Or, "Baby Cee-yah DANDIN'"  Because he wants Baby Cee-yah to stand up so that he can mash his head into her tummy (snuggling) or rub his face all over hers and then kiss her on the mouth or grab her hands to kiss them or...  Who even knows what he wants to do.

She is always happy to oblige.  Heck, she can be totally asleep and she'll still immediately look at him with a big grin on her face.  Nothing is more awesome than your brother! 

And he has started instructing me to cover up once he has decided she's done nursing, so that I'm not tempted to get her to latch again.  We seem to have some confusion with wording, however...  I was snapping up my nursing tank and he said, "Mom.  Boob ON."  A few days later, I think he got it - I was trying to get her latched again and he said, "On.  Bwa ON."  Sure, I'll put the bra back on...

I suppose I'm thankful that he's only started acting like this now - it would have been rather frustrating the first couple of months, but she's such an efficient nurser now that it's not a big deal.  And we can make up for abbreviated sessions while he's napping.

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