6 months!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cecilia is 6 months today!  The greatest challenge that comes with this age is convincing John Paul that Cecilia is NOT "Faff munfs ode" (five months old).  He is rather upset that we keep correcting him...

She is 27.25 inches (94th%), about 16.5 pounds (64th%) and her head is in the 93rd%.  At first I freaked out a little that her weight is so low compared to her head and height, but then I realized that it's still above average...  She and John Paul both have tended to be long and lean, not a whole lot of excess chunk on these kids.

The nurse practitioner told us that we should be giving vitamin D drops and iron-fortified cereals.  I smiled and nodded.  Not gonna happen.  I don't understand this whole vitamin D trend - it's really not proven to be beneficial except in places where there is very little exposure to natural sunlight.  And don't even get me started on baby cereals...

Our first *real* foray into solid foods (in which she was given food that she was actually capable of consuming, rather than chewing/sucking on) was today.  I think this series of pictures sums up the experience:

"Finally, something BESIDES toys while I sit in this high chair.  Wait, this feels like FOOD!"

"Hmm...  I like it inside this teether thing...  But it's still pretty hard to grab."

"I mean, this fork is pretty tasty...  But I knocked the peach off before I had a chance to taste it."

"WAIT!  Hold up you guys, I got something in my MOUTH and it is not a fork..."



"Well...  Maybe I'll try a little more..."

I think she managed to get a little bit down her throat.  Not a traumatic experience, not a rousing success.  I'm thinking we'll try banana tomorrow, but we'll see what we have lying around that's ready to be eaten.

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