Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few things that make me laugh

1.  John Paul rubbing his diaper saying, "Butt Cweeeem" and then rubbing it on his plane, "Butt cweem pwane!"  Of course, his plane has a diaper rash and needs cream.

2.  John Paul singing the song that I sing when I clip his nails.  "Cwip your pointer, cwip your pointer, cwip it off!  Cwip it off!"  Now he's singing it about his crayons.  "Cwip your yeh-whoa, cwip your yeh-whoa.  NOW.  Cwip your gweeeen.  Cwip your gweeeeen."

3.  John Paul using his fat crayons as chapstick - I was confused at first, he just kept rubbing them on his lips and saying, "Chap.  Sticks!  Chap.  Sticks!"  Then I got it - my mom had let him use her chapstick over the weekend.  Apparently crayons are the same thing...

1 comment :

  1. I didn't let him use it -- I very carefully put a tiny bit on his loose little lips. Golly, if I'd let him use it, I would never have gotten it back!


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