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Friday, February 22, 2013

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 207)
It's that time again!
Cecilia decided she wanted to "take a nap" with Elizabeth.  If only...

Then she wanted me to take pictures of her jumping.  This is one of those times I should have caved and gone with auto-focus...  So now it's my goal to get an awesome jumping shot, because her face is (usually) the epitome of joy when she's jumping all over the place.
That's her unicorn, which normally lives in a pink sparkly purse.  She has named it "Baby Unicorn."  And you wonder why we didn't let her name the twins.
One of John Paul's biggest jokes is ending "Ave Regina Coelorum" on "mi" instead of "do."  He thinks it is HILARIOUS.
I went to check on Cecilia and see if she had fallen asleep during her nap, and saw this.  So obviously I had to take a paparazzi-style photo... 

Minnie Mouse gets the middle of the pillow.  Cecilia gets a tiny sliver at the edge.  And apparently has to sleep with "Biscuit and the Class Pet" on her face.
Reminded me of John Paul when he was her age!
I've been worried because kids John Paul's age (and younger) seem to be MUCH better than he is at drawing and tracing.  I've tried all sorts of things to get him interested, but he just didn't care.  Until I got him this book:
Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book
Suddenly he is excited and interested and GOOD at it!!!  Here I was freaking out for no reason - his fine motor skills are just fine, he probably just decided, "Mom, I've been reading since I was 2, I can wait a little while on this writing thing..."
So I'm going to make this my current homeschooling favorite because...  Well, we don't really do much of anything to homeschool yet, except give John Paul books and let him teach himself everything.  So now he's teaching himself to write.  Score!  And now I can link up with Dwija even though none of the kids are old enough for this to actually count as homeschooling...
$10 book vs. $5000 preschool?  Yeah, I'm going to go with the book.
But can anyone explain to me why this homeschooling thing is so intimidating?  I'm an ACTUAL teacher in a SCHOOL, and yet the prospect of educating my own children at home is still daunting.
Unwritten rule of twins:  Only one may smile at a time.

Although Elizabeth totally has the "smolder" thing down in the second picture.

Are your ovaries aching a little bit?  Seriously, the only thing cuter than one baby?
Two babies.  It's not quite baby heaven, but it's close!
Last, but certainly not least:
I saw this ad when I was stalking Kelly all over the internet reading a lot of back posts because Kelly TOLD ME TO and not because I'm a little bit obsessed with her.
That man.  I just can't. 
But seriously, what if a service like this existed, only instead of looking up someone you KNOW, you could just look at the pictures and find out what they got arrested for?  It could be a GAME!  You would have to guess what they got arrested for and you win if you're right. 
My guesses?  The man got busted for public urination and the chick drove on the sidewalk to pass a school bus picking up children. 
Okay, that's it!  Please pray for a safe & non-stressful (hah) move for us tomorrow - posts may be lacking for a while, depending on when we get internet.  Although I have a few posts scheduled.  One is about Cheez-its.  Consider yourselves warned.
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  1. Oh, that book! A friend gave it to us when the boy was 4 and he was in LOVE. Totally proved that he knew how to write. It is so great. Awesome tip.

    1. It's something about the marker, I think - pencil, pen, and crayon weren't showing up well enough in his tracing but give him a dry erase marker and the kid is SOLD!

  2. I want to play that game! Also, even though Leo isn't even born yet I will bookmark that book and save for later! Prayers on a safe and easy move :)

    1. It's kind of like Guess Who, only with criminals!

  3. Every so often I think I should ditch the Google Ads but then other times, they're just so awesome I can't. Like after posting spam comments that mentioned 'polish escorts' , all these creepy ads started popping up. I'm totally down with the picture game though; maybe we can up the ante and say, take a shot every time we guess right or wrong or every time it's a shoplifter or something?

    1. So if I comment about like, llamas and my little ponies, will that kind of ad start showing up? This could be an interesting experiment...

  4. Yep, little bit of aching ovaries here. Need me some more baby girl love! Okay, so your son learned to read at 2 and knows the final notes of a Latin chant? WOW. He'll be able to teach your homeschool one day! I have one friend whose little boys teach each other to read and play the piano and such...jealous!

  5. My kids do nothing for me until way past the appropriate developmental age...probably because I'm lazy. I've always known I'd be a wretched homeschooler. :)

    Your guesses on the criminal records make me laugh. :)

  6. How about I take Elizabeth of your hands, I mean it's just not fair that you have all that cuteness!

    1. Only if we can trade - I'll take one of your older boys, John Paul's always wanted a big brother!

  7. Oh my goodness your kids sound so awesome and hilarious :)

    That book looks great!! I'm definitely adding it to my list!! Hey I just got this maze book for Ava and she LOVED it - sat down and did 50 mazes the first night and finished it off in the morning so we moved on to the next book and she finished that one off right away too - same kind of idea with the fine motor skills...
    Here's the second book - there's a series of them that get more advanced as you go:


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