Cheez-its: A plea for sponsorship

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Cheez-its,

I love your product.  I have been consuming it since I was a small child (not continuously, as that would be impossible).  Cheez-its are one if the few processed foods I eat, and certainly one of the most treasured (gummy bears are your closest competition).  Bowls of you have kept me from starving while trying to raise 4 tiny and tyrannical children.  Laying out a basket of you in the morning has allowed me to stay in bed for an extra hour in the mornings as the older kids stay occupied with the "Find the Cheez-its" game.  You even helped me wean my second child ("From breastmilk to Cheez-its" I believe is the historical phrase).

I like to place you salt-side down on my tongue and suck the salt off while allowing you to dissolve in my mouth.  This has resulted in a sore tongue when I consume too many of you.  Chewing is only for those who do not savor a perfectly salted Cheez-it as much as I do.

I prefer the slightly-burnt original Cheez-its more than any other. and our most recent box purchased froom Costco has the highest number I have ever seen!  Please consider adding "Burned" (or perhaps "toasted") to your ever-increasing arsenal of Cheez-it flavors.  I would buy every box.

And so I would like to offer you what I have never offered any processed food product:  The chance to sponsor my blog. 

All I ask is that you provide me with a lifetime supply of Cheez-its, and I will mention you in EVERY blog post I ever write.  And I actually write a lot, now that I'm usually stuck on the couch nursing twins.  There's not a lot to do other than blog.

Please consider it.  After all, I have 19 followers.  That's 19 people who could be converted to the love of Cheez-its. 

It's worth the investment.


Rosie Hill

Edit:  I don't even know, guys.  I wrote this last week at about 5 AM  because I had to get out of bed to nurse both babies, and somehow this is what was going through my head.  And then I thought, hey I'll schedule this to post when we're unpacking so that it'll be SOMETHING!

Yeah.  Sorry.


  1. Why not? You could send it (or something like it) to Cheez-its and see what happens. What have you got to lose?

  2. Seriously Cheez-its. I don't even like cheese crackers and I'm craving Cheez-its now.



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