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Friday, February 15, 2013

JP, trying to get a mini keg of Newcastle off the counter:  Ohhh thaaaat's?
Me:  That's Dad's beer.  You don't want it.
JP:  Ohhhh I want it!
Me:  No, it's for grown-ups.  It kind of tastes like pee.
JP:  Ohhh I want pee! 
Me:  No you don't...
JP:  I like pee!  I want to drink beer that's made of pee!  I want to drink veggie beer. 

And now John Paul is reading this aloud while I type, so Cecilia is chanting, "I wike pee!  I wike pee!!!"

Reminds me of the time I told him brownies were poop...  "OH I WANT POOP!  I WANT A WITTLE PIECE OF POOP!  I WIKE POOP!!!"


JP, pretending to give himself communion during a quiet part of Mass:  Body of Chwist.  Amen.  I'm eating BLOOD!!!


JP, kissing Elizabeth's ear:  MMMMMMMmmmm baby!!! ...  Yum!  Baby!  It tastes good!  Spicy baby.  Sweet baby!!!  Candy baby!


JP, finishing his pizza:  Peppers and onions taste good together!
Me:  I know, I really like them.
JP, excitedly:  I like them TOO!!!

Okay, this may seem boring, but he actually initiated a conversation that wasn't about numbers, or rhyming words, or Latin.  I think we're getting closer to normal here!


And did I ever tell you that sometimes the big kids run around chanting, "Catechism of the Catholic Church" over and over?  And sometimes they get silly and start chanting, "Ca-te-chi-sm of the MUF. FIN. CHURCH!" (quarter rest, 6 8th notes, 3 quarters and a quarter rest, if you were wondering.  2-and-3-and-4-and 1 2 3!)  Think that puts him out of the running for Pope after this next one?

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  1. Catechism of the muffin church sounds JUST like something my girls would run around singing!!! have to admit, it's kind of catchy...I think I might be chanting that in my head the rest of the day...


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