7 Quick Takes, III

Friday, February 8, 2013

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 205)
Minnie Mouse goes EVERYWHERE with Cecilia.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  She was sitting on the potty yesterday and John Paul saw that she didn't have her Minnie Mouse, so he immediately picked it up and ran it over to her.
She was ecstatic.  "John Paul brought me my DOLL when I'm on da POTTY!  Thank you John Paul!!!"
Have you seen a more attractive picture of a child?  Nope.  Never.
At Mass on Sunday:

John Paul, showing us a slightly pink pointer finger:  "OH!  I need a band-aid!!!"
Cecilia:  "I NEED A BAND-AID!  When you were at da doctor you got a polka dot band-aid JUST WIKE MINNIE MOUSE!!!"

She was VERY excited for her 2-year well checkup.  She was kind of amazing - showing off for the doctor & nurses, REALLY excited to pee in a cup (because John Paul got to do that 6 months ago and she still talks about it), and apparently speaking at the level of a 3.5-year-old.  But she's still ridiculously short, so she looks like an 18-month-old speaking like a 3-year-old.  I bet she totally weirds people out when they hear her.

However, she got dinosaur band-aids instead of polka dots.  This was upsetting for about 2.7 seconds.  Then she told me that her legs "Vewwy vewwy hurt."  Luckily yesterday "my legs NOT hurt anymore!"


We are officially homeowners!  Closed on our new place on Wednesday, moving on the 23rd and SO excited!  Is it weird that one reason I'm so excited is because there's a ton of natural light and I'm really looking forward to getting better indoor pictures of the kids?  But seriously I wish we had gotten our new camera long ago since I'm getting WAY better pictures, ones that I actually want to print out and display.

Need some more Cecilia quotes?
Monday afternoon:

Cecilia, kicking the swing while Mary Claire was in it: "Why you kickin' da swing???"
Me: "Cecilia, why are you kicking the swing?"
Cecilia: "Um baCUZZ?"
Me: "Because you're weird?"
Cecilia: "And STWANGE!"

Cecilia, staggering towards me while carrying the potty: "Where is da red spot?"
Me: "Cecilia, I don't think there is a red spot on the potty..."
Cecilia: "IN da potty!"
Me: "There's one in the potty?"
Cecilia, frantically: "UM I NEED TO POOP!"


Cecilia, suddenly finding her flower hat:  "I found my hat!!!  And now I am cute!  And old!"

At dinner:

Me:  "Cecilia is Elizabeth's sister.  And Cecilia is Mary Claire's sister."
Andrew:  "And Cecilia is..."
Cecilia:  "CUTE!!!"

Cecilia, pointing to a snowman on Elizabeth's onesie:  "It's wike a wittle piece of children!"

That's right, this week's quick takes are pretty much just cute things that Cecilia says.
But she's just at SUCH a cute age - I did little besides talk about all the cute things John Paul said at that age, too. 
And she's also pretty cute to look at.
Even when she's trying to put the lens cap back on the camera when I'm trying to take her picture.

John Paul's still here though, don't you worry!  He's just not so good at the posing thing...
Lately he's been consuming his weight in clementines daily and he thinks we should all be doing the same.  So he'll get himself a clementine and then bring one for me and one for Cecilia, even though we don't want one.  So we end up with clementines all over the living room at the end of every day...

He's also still kissing the babies ALL the time.  And they mostly don't mind, but I really wish he'd stop when they're trying to sleep!
He was looking for Mary Claire when he got up from his nap earlier.  I told him she was upstairs in the swing and he said, "OH I want to go SEE her!!!" and started running for the stairs.  Thank goodness for video monitors!  I told him he could watch her sleep in the monitor instead of waking her up by going into our room.
Yup, I'm turning him into a tiny little voyeur.
And that's that!  Check out more Quick Takes at Jen's!


  1. Cecilia is definitely cute and strange. Not old, though. Funny child!

  2. Your kids says the darndest (and cutest) things! I can't wait to get Mary Clare and Elizabeth into the mix. Oh, the conversation topics are endless :)

    Colton also brings Emmeline her commonly used toys. It's very cute. Loving the moments of sibling love. Not loving the moments where Colton tries to step on Emmeline's hands when she's crawling somewhere he's decided she should be, like the bathroom.

    Congrats on the house! Good luck over the next 3 weeks with getting everyone and all your stuff from one place to the other.

    1. Hopefully he's at least stepping on her hands with bare feet? Just get him to lie down in her way, then she'll start climbing/drooling on him instead and sibling wrestling will begin!


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