Felt Fractions

Monday, February 11, 2013

I have not done anything crafty since the twins were born.  But I made these a while ago, and it might be my most recent *actual* craft, so I'm going to take pictures and pretend I just made these so that I can join Ana's link-up.

I found the idea on Pinterest and followed the instructions here.  I'm REALLY not crafty, but I can cut felt and puffy paint it, right?

Seriously, you don't even need me to tell you how to do this.

Maybe you're fancy and have a sewing machine - this would take almost no time if you do!  I sewed it by hand and it still took very little time.

So here we go:

Find a circle size you like.  Trace it on a bunch of felt.  Cut out, pin, and sew together using a blanket stitch or modified blanket stitch (that's what I call "I didn't actually know what a blanket stitch was so I made it up and it kind of looked the same") or whatever you want.  Then puffy paint the fraction shapes and let it dry!

Circles (can you find the puffy paint error?  Also, if you look closely you can see that my stitching started out NOT so hot and got better as I progressed.  But guess what?  The kids don't care!)

Squares (look at how beautiful my 2's are!  I'm kind of obsessed...)

And the triangles that I actually finished...

Repeat with square, triangle, and whatever other shapes you're inclined to try. I DO have 1/4 size triangles cut out but I never ended up sewing them together because I got distracted. They are still sitting in my Ikea sewing kit, pinned together and unloved. But they are purple. Some day I'll finish. But I've realized that sewing while nursing babies is probably a bad idea...

See how much she loves them? 

Anyway, John Paul and Cecilia LOVE these.  John Paul because he is maybe the biggest nerd any child has ever been.  Cecilia because they are COLORS!  They like putting them together and making patterns with them, and since they're felt they stick to the couch and the rug easily.  They also like to line up the big shapes and jump from shape to shape. 


  1. ah! i love these!
    must make now.
    so glad you linked up!!

  2. cool cool cool! putting these on the to-do-when-kids-are-older list!!

  3. Rosie - I'm impressed :)

    I'm guessing you probably saw these since they were one of the other linked up pages, but I saw these and thought that John Paul HAD TO have them. Ya know, for you to make in your extra time these days ;)

    I need to buy some felt and make these for Colton. Oh, and I need to get puffy paints too. I've been recently picking up things here and there(*cough* target gets me every time *cough*) to start a craft bag for future fun with the kids. Speaking of Target, I totally raided the $1 section this past weekend. They had awesome stuff! Like foam circles and stickers. Oh, and I definitely bought 648 pages of construction paper at costco. I needed a few sheets red! haha.

    1. Construction paper at costco??? You may have changed my life... I definitely need to check dollar tree for some craft supplies - foam paintbrushes in the bathtub are our current favorite (although JP keeps breaking them...)

    2. So I just realized I totally forgot to include the link for the things I think JP would love.


      They also have priests and nuns.

      Yep, I really need to find a good dollar tree close by and go spend like $20 just grabbing stuff I can convince myself that I need.

  4. Dude...I just saw these awesome wooden fraction sets on Etsy that looked cool but I thought maybe it was too early to introduce fractions...I'm totally buying them now...(I am just NOT capable of crafts that involve any sort of sewing or puffy paint...)

    Way to go, you are like the best mom ever!!!!

    1. I thought I wasn't either! And you can see my sewing AND puffy paint fails, but it got easier after the first few :P


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