WIWS... On Monday?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why yes, it IS Monday!  But we moved this weekend and only just got internet, so I'm joining the WIWS party a little late!

Anyway, this was our first Sunday at our new parish!  Highlights?  A 40-minute Sunday Mass (with music.  huh?  shortest homily ever.) that the kids behaved pretty well for, partly because John Paul spent most of the Mass with my mom, so he actually had someone paying attention to him.  And no EMs!  Yup, 4 priests and 2 deacons can take care of the communion line by themselves!  And no children's choir.  Because, let's face it, a choir of elementary school students that probably only rehearses for half an hour before every Mass is not going to be the best thing to listen to.  Even the best director can only get so much out of that situation!

Of course, we still got the complaint from John Paul that the Kyrie wasn't in English.  And then he was really ticked off when the priest intoned "Mysterium fidei" and we responded in English instead of Latin.  Poor kid.  The things he puts up with!  Thankfully when he celebrates Mass at home, he can choose whatever responses he wants.

I wore my tummy-sucking skirt, brown boots, and this mysteriously flowing blue printed shirt from H&M that I will never wear with a skirt again because I look very questionably pregnant... This is what happens when we're in the middle of a move and have not a single full-length mirror in the house! So when I looked at the pictures after Mass, I was thankful that it doesn't actually matter that I looked pregnant because no WAY would anybody see me alternately nursing both tiny babies and assume that I'm pregnant again.

Our mantle is decorated with an allen wrench and a toy from Chick-fil-A, the purpose of which seems to be "Throw a lot of circular cards on the floor and don't clean them up." Yeah, that's going in the trash. You may also have spied "2000: A year in pop music" on the floor. Yeah, not gonna defend myself there...

Cecilia wore a spring dress from Old Navy with leggings (because she REALLY wanted to wear pants to Mass, and if even Mom doesn't wear pants to mass (leggings are not pants...), Cecilia sure can't!).  And a pink sweater with a HEART ZIPPER that she loves, and an adorable little scarf "just wike Mom!"  And of course, her pink boots because she needs new dress shoes and I can't find any that I like that aren't a million dollars...

Thank you so much for all your prayers regarding our move!  Things went surprisingly smoothly, in no small part because my mom took the big kids to Chick-Fil-A and the mall playplace and is basically shaving tons of time off of purgatory for dealing with that craziness while the movers got everything into the new place.  And my father-in-law and brother-in-law did tons of packing and moving, and my father-in-law's fiancee tended the babies tons.  And my sister-in-law came and helped out with basically everything while she wasn't nursing her OWN baby.  And Mary Claire's godparents even came after a long morning getting the house they're hoping to buy inspected and put together tons of furniture and held babies (seriously this woman is going to be the BEST mom, she's like a baby whisperer - prayers for a safe delivery for her, she's due soon!).

So in short, we are seriously blessed to have so much support in the area and support from all your prayers.  You all are the best! 


  1. I don't think I can get any time off from Purgatory if I enjoy something. Because yeah, it was tiring and all, but I really love John Paul and Cecilia, and they were on just about their best behavior. Plus when we went to the little carpeted playplace at Fair Oaks, it was a ZOO. Kids kept running into each other and playing on a thing that somebody else wanted. But John Paul and Cecilia didn't even flinch! They handled the chaos beautifully and had such a good time that it was tough to get them to leave even when the mall security guard said that everybody had to leave so that they could clean the place. At 4 pm on Saturday. Weird. Anyway, I love you and I love your family and I was happy to help!

  2. I went nearly five years without a full-length mirror, and I don't know what I was thinking. I think you did fine, though. You definitely don't look pregnant. Those boots are awesome.

    I'm glad the move went well!

  3. I think that top is gorgeous and did not think you looked pregnant at all. So gorgeous, especially for having just moved. Two unmanicured thumbs up!

    1. I agree!! Love the top. And so glad to hear moving went well - AWESOME you had so much help!!!

      I am trying to convince Ava that leggings are not pants. She refuses to wear pants. She starts wailing "I'm not pretty when I wear pants!!!" Probably my fault for letting her watch too many Disney princess movies or something...

  4. That top is stunning. i love all the swirls of blue. Beautiful!! Love it.

  5. Hey, we totally enjoyed it (Michael's always itching to exercise his LEGO building inclinations, on LEGOS, technology, furniture, cars, small children...just kidding about the last one : ) And I'm always happy to hold babies, esp. because I can't hold my own *yet* (for the record, Elizabeth passed out for so long, not due to baby whispering, but because I'm basically a human radiator these days...mmm, toasty!) LOVE your new house, and we're so happy for you and your beautiful family!


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