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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Okay, I'm taking Jamie's challenge...  I don't think any of my pictures quite live up to the picture of her with the oranges, but here are a few.

For years I tried to hide those awkward embarrassing pictures.  I would argue to say that MOST pictures taken of me are fairly awkward (I'm just not photogenic...) but I'm pretty good at deleting most of them from my camera before anyone else sees them.  However, all those childhood awkward pictures?  Yeah, those don't go away.  And most of them are in another album, but I found some gems in the "Sisters" book that my sister and I made years ago...

I begged my dad to cut my beautiful long hair so that I could have thick, chunky bangs like my best friend.  WHY?  Then I thought I should smile with my mouth closed.  Also, WHY?  And I'm wearing a true 80's-style puffed-sleeve dress with a peplum over a tight-fitting skirt.  OH YES, I was smokin'.
In 3rd grade I decided to start showing my teeth again, only to realize that they were awkward and crooked.  This was the year that I think I went 2 weeks without washing my hair.  Also, I'm wearing a school uniform:  Navy blazer, white peter pan collar shirt, gray jumper, and navy and green ribbons.  Gross.

Here I am a few months later, having made a ginger bread house.  And apparently this expression means, "After you eat this ginger bread house, I plan to feast on your flesh."  I don't understand the creepy eyes, either...
I was convinced that every picture was the "silly" picture, hence the contrived expression, closed eyes, and scrunchie smack dab in the middle of my head.  That's how I wore my hair that summer.  I thought it was cute.  We also have a series of pictures of me trying to take off a pair of shortalls from this vacation, eventually failing and needing my mom to help me.  These were the things my parents took pictures of?

We call this my "British school boy" look - awkward hair cut (again, BEGGED my dad for this one), closed-mouth smile that somehow manages to make me look fat, and this time the ribbons are replaced with a TIE!  School uniform FTW!

Freshman year of high school, my sister and I dressed up as Britney Spears, before and after, for Halloween.  You guess who's who.

And that same year, we performed "I Feel Sick" at a chorus concert.  She got to wear footie pajamas.  I wore flesh-colored long johns.  Somehow even the fact that the microphone had to be attached to the sagging butt-flap didn't lead us to believe this wasn't the best idea.

And lastly, I leave you this.  There are MUCH worse pictures of my sister, because she chose to embrace the awkwardness of photos long ago, and there are about 10 years' worth of pictures of her in ridiculous positions!
Sister, I can't find that album full of the worst pictures - like that one from Christmas where I look like a corpse and for some reason decided that a good "pose" would be to shove my tongue under my lower lip.  Do you know where it is?
So go check out Jamie's awkward photos (they're SO good.  Seriously.  But I think probably everyone who reads this blog also reads her blog...)
And while you're there, check out this photo because it's just so beautiful!!!


  1. I appreciate that you didn't even crop my body in very tight pants and a tankini (because a swimsuit is a Halloween costume) out of that picture. And I thought that picture was in the Sisters book. Is it not?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSS!!!!! Britney spears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pajamas!!!!!!! British school boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my gosh I am practically cry laughing...you guys remind me so much of me and my sister, I'm still pulling out photos of the both of us together and trying to convince her to link up...
    I'm so glad you did this!!!!!

  3. I'm sure that the cure is a dose of St. Joseph's ASPIRIN! :)

    I'm loving this! These photos actually surprised me because for the whole time I've known you you've been (or at least appeared) always put together well.

    Also, you are SUPER SKINNY in that Brittney Spears outfit.

    1. Right??? Those abs are NEVER coming back, sadly...

  4. I think you look cute in all these pix. Except the British schoolboy one. That one always amazes me, because you were NOT fat and I don't see how it is possible to make you look as if you were. Seriously awful pic and doesn't look anything like you.

  5. Seriously this just gets funnier every time I look through it..."After you eat this ginger bread house, I plan to feast on your flesh." hahahaha!!!!!

    1. I just remembered that maybe 80% of the pictures taken of me in college would also fit the bill for this link-up? Just start at the beginning of facebook photos of me and you'll understand - my roommate and I made a habit of dressing up in ridiculous outfits (footie pajamas with a cow tail, sparkly 80s prom dresses, etc) and taking pictures.


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