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Friday, February 15, 2013

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 206)
Linking up for the 4th time for an excuse to tell you a bunch of random things you don't care about!
We've been crafting up a storm this week!  I actually let the kids paint on Saturday and they were SO excited (although they painted during each other's naps to minimize on crazy)!
John Paul spent his time mixing the various colors and seeing what combinations he could make.

Within minutes she managed to get paint on her forehead AND her eyebrow. 

Do you see?  It's because she dipped the wrong end in her purple paint...


Then this happened.  Elizabeth in Cecilia's hat.  Mary Claire was probably sleeping, because she spend much of this week (except yesterday afternoon) sleeping.  Seriously, like 20 hours a day.  God gave me twins, sure, but thankfully He gave me twins who SLEEP!  John Paul and Cecilia were always very awake, alert babies from the get-go.  Not these two, and that's fine by me!  I'm hoping that means they'll take a little longer on their milestones than the older two?  Because chasing around TWO 9-month-old walking babies is not my idea of a good time.
We couldn't figure out a way to get to Ash Wednesday Mass as a family and still get to work on time, so the plan was for Andrew to leave early and get to his, and for me to hit one before work and leave the kids with the babysitter.  But then John Paul KNEW it was Ash Wednesday and was SO excited to get ashes on his forehead!  So I took him to Mass with me and he was ecstatic!  It took a while to convince him that he didn't get ashes on his forehead right away, and we spent most of the beginning of Mass talking about how he had to wait until after the homily.
Then when we got home he made sure to give all of his sister's their OWN "ashes" using the same words the priest used.
Only a minor freak out during Mass - he was upset that Father started the Our Father and that HE didn't get to start it himself.  Because, you know, John Paul is a priest.
I had a Valentine's Day craft all prepared for the kids using leftover felt scraps and leftover buttons from Christmas presents.  They loved it, but it only took like, 3 minutes of their time because I had everything set up in advance!

Cecilia was apparently the only one of us who remembered it was Valentine's Day this morning, as she dressed herself head-to-toe in pink.

John Paul wore a Star Wars shirt and his favorite plaid pants.  That's festive, right?
I spent like, 20 minutes cutting up a bunch of felt hearts for a little garland and almost all of them ended up flipping upside down on the ribbon because they were too top-heavy!  Next year I'll try sewing them to something...  They're cute anyway, though!

In case you didn't like my last suggestion for Valentine's cards, I found more!
Puritan Valentine's Day cards, if you need some for a belated holiday tribute.  More here.
Andrew is blogging again after a long hiatus!  And of course he had to make me tear up with his Valentine's post...  Not fair!  I was going to write a "Why I Love My Husband" post but I thought he would think it was lame...  Oh well, there's still time, maybe I can surprise him!
Okay, that's that!  Go read more (seriously there will be over 200 by the end of the day, I'm sure!).


  1. Paint brushes have two ends for a reason!

    1. Aha! The paper end and the face end - I never knew!

  2. John Paul sounds hilarious! Catholic kids have to be the most fun....

  3. How long have I been gone from blog land????? Sorry to be bombarding you with comments here...I had no idea I was so far behind!!!!!

    Andrews post - SO SWEET!!!!


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