An important argument

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cecilia (at 6:30 pm):  It's BWIGHT outside!
Andrew:  It's not bright outside, Cecilia, it's night time.
Cecilia:  It's bwight?  Da SUN is out!
Me:  The moon is out, Cecilia.
Cecilia: Da SUN!
Andrew:  The moon.
Cecilia:  Da SUN!
Andrew and me:  The moon.
Cecilia:  DA SUN!!!
Me: The stars.
Cecilia:  Da sun!
Andrew:  The planets.
Cecilia:  Da sun!
Me:  The Father.
Cecilia: Da Son!
Andrew:  The Holy Spirit.
Cecilia:  Came down!!!
John Paul:  Amen!

And there we go, argument ended by the Holy Trinity.  To which saint should we attribute tonight's miracle?


  1. Best conversation!!! This made me smile!

  2. Love it. :) She sounds just like Ambrose...they'd make a good pair...hint, hint...He said he wanted to be Saint Joseph when he grows up, so her Virgin Mary outfit could still work...

  3. Hahahaha your kids sound so awesome. I am dying to get together!!!


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