How to take pictures of kids

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dress them in matching outfits.  Make sure to let them eat something really messy for lunch so that their outfits are properly accessorized.  A backdrop of moving boxes is a must.

And speaking of accessories, make sure you have a tiara.  And a pink bear.  Because they're members of the family.  Make sure the bear is wearing a diaper.  You don't want stuffed bear pee on the furniture, after all.

Don't bother telling your son that he's supposed to sit on the couch with the girls (one of whom seems to be playing the Human Claw game with a baby's head...).

And make sure that bear is in the PERFECT position.

The babies can slump, but that bear better be sitting up...

Turn on the flash because your son is freaking out that the little light hasn't popped up.

Demand awkward fake smiles.

Make sure to capture at least one child blinking.

And at least one kiss.

Hopefully the kiss will make a baby cry.

Give up on the brother, instruct big sister to give the stiffest faux-smile possible.

Re-position babies, then remember big sister is only 2 years old and probably shouldn't be "holding" both babies at once...

Rescue babies before big sister can fling them off the couch because she's done.
So there you have it.  A failed, if somewhat amusing, photo session.


  1. I like that you labeled the picture of the babies propped on Cecilia as "Fragile." I couldn't agree more.

  2. These are not Studio-style photos, but I think they are absolutely marvelous candids of your kids.

    1. Haha I know, the whole thing is meant to be sarcastic. And I kind of hate studio-style photos anyway!

  3. I love it! Especially the matching-outfits-accessorized-with-lunch. Or, in my case (that is, the case of my 4 month old), spit up and drool.

    1. Yes! I'm surprised we didn't have spit up yet, but I had actually only *just* changed them into those outfits to avoid it. Then right after we finished taking the pictures, they both spat up :P

  4. So I've been taking pictures right all along??! Thank goodness!!!!! hahahaha :)


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