The Pope

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I tried talking to John Paul about current events yesterday, thinking he would be very concerned about recent developments. The conversation did not go as I expected...
Me: John Paul, do you want to hear some news about the pope?
JP: No.
Me: John Paul, I have news for you! Do you know who the pope is?
JP: Yes.
Me: Who is the pope?
JP: Iiiiiit's?
Me: Pope...
JP: John Paul the Second!!!
Me: No. It's Pope B-
Me: No, that's a picture of Pope Benedict on your wall.
JP: And in the new house we will have a picture of Pope John Paul the Second?
Me: Sure, we can get a picture of him for your room too. But do you want to know what happened today?
JP: Yes?
Me: Pope Benedict is old and sick so he prayed about it and God said that he shouldn't be pope anymore.
JP: ...
Me: So we'll have a new pope.
Me: No, but every new pope takes a NEW name. Just like St. Peter was named Simon and Jesus told him his new name was Peter! So when John Paul the Second became pope, his name was Karol and he took John Paul the Second as his name. And Pope Benedict's name was Joseph and he took Benedict as his new name.
JP: ...
Me: So what name do you think the new pope should take?
JP: John Paul the Second.
Me: Well that one's already taken. Do you have another idea?
JP: Simon!!!
Then we prayed for the pope and he was very excited. But I'm not entirely sure he understands this beyond the fact that he'll get a new picture on his wall...
So there you have it.  A 3.5-year-old's take on current events


  1. Hahahahah this is soooo funny!! I ordered Max and Chico and figured I'll talk to Ava about it when we read the book...I'm sure the conversation will be fairly similar... :)

    1. Okay I googled it so I could pretent to know what you're talking about, and all that showed up were dogs... Then Andrew looked at me like a moron and showed me what these are. Let me know how Ava likes them! I'm guessing John Paul will probably be a little bit obsessed... Maybe as an end-of-conclave present?

    2. Oh my goodness this is what happens when I try to type on a phone!!!! Joseph and Chico...Max and Benedict...End of conclave present I love it!!!! Hilarious!!!

  2. You will treasure this conversation forever and ever and ever. Oh my gosh. I cannot stop giggling!


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