Knock Knock!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh man, just about had a heart attack earlier...  John Paul and Cecilia were napping, so I was washing dishes while the twins chilled on the floor.  I heard a pounding behind me and jumped as I heard a high-pitched, "Knock knock!!!"

Oh great.  John Paul decided that now he's allowed to end naptime whenever he wants... 

 But I had to let him finish the joke.

"Who's there?"

"Uhh...  Interrupting MOOSE!"

 "...Interrupting moose who?"

"Interrupting moose Cecilia!!!"

*giggle giggle giggle*

Honestly, I can't be mad at him - he obviously had to finish his nap early because he had that amazing joke to share!

Of course immediately after I posted this, we had the following disturbing conversation:

JP:  Yum, spit!
Cecilia:  Yum, babies!
JP:  Mmm...  Baby tastes like blood!

Creepy.  Seriously.


  1. I like the pics - then again, I'm a sucker for B&W photography : )

    1. For some reason John Paul looks better in B&W, Cecilia looks better in color. But I'm having lots of fun messing with the editing tools and exploring :)

  2. I'm guessing the obsession with potty/blood/disgusting jokes is a feature of 3 year olds??? Because we've definitely got that going on here too :) These kids are going to be hilarious all togther!!!!


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